office fear

There was a time when mental wellness was taken for granted and overlooked. But today, with the eventual rise in the cut-throat competition,  people are more comfortable talking about mental health than before. It is almost like they are discussing the importance of physical vigor because of the increased cases of mental ailments over the years. If we talk about the young section, the most common issues that persist include work stress. One similar case is the state of fear from working – Ergophobia. 

In this article, we will throw some light on the conditions of this fear and the ways to deal with it.

The 3 Conditions:

  • Fear of Finding Employment

The first condition of Ergophobia is when a person is scared of the term ‘employment’. The thought of getting ready every day, preparing a resume, and going for job interviews makes them anxious. They either feel that they don’t possess enough talent or capabilities to get an offer or they do not deserve one. Integrating top-notch recruitment management software can fix this problem to some extent.

  • Fear of Performing Well

The second type of condition is performance anxiety. It implies that the sufferer has a constant or persistent terror of not being able to do well. Situations of competition such as tests & examinations, target-based tasks, award functions among others disturb them. They have a fear of being evaluated.

  • Fear of Distress From Overwork

This one is also known as Ponophobia. Under this condition, the individuals are worried about the after-effects of working too much. Whether it is just fatigue or physical pain, the thought of being distressed from overworking scares them.

How To Help Employees Overcome Ergophobia?

It is imperative to first understand the root cause of a challenge before learning to control the same. So, now that we know about the 3 conditions of Ergophobia among working professionals, let’s talk about the CAPA (Corrective And Preventive Actions). 

Mentioned below are the measures that employers can take to help their workforce fight this menace: 

  1. Rewards and Recognition

Since the biggest reason behind the low morale and high fright in employees is lack of appreciation, R&R is the key. If you feel that the personnel are working hard, acknowledge them right away. Small gestures such as an instant round of applause, an appreciation mail, a tiny goodie, or a certificate will do. Besides, half-yearly and annual rewards and recognition programs should be organized without a miss.

  1. Training and Upskilling

Another major factor responsible for Ergophobia is incompetence or lack of skills. As soon as you realize that the employees need learning and guidance, train them! Arrange classes, brainstorming sessions, core domain/ product training, and seminars. It is only a matter of organizing a few resources for you. But for them, it could be a life-changing experience.

  1. Extra-Curricular Activities

Sometimes, the workforce needs a little break from their mundane work life. It’s time for you to start conducting fun and entertainment activities. Recruitment management software can be used to spread awareness among the new employees about such activities. Be it a little tour every month or selecting a weekday to organize extra-curricular activities, there has to be a getaway. This practice not only gives them a breather but also makes the job exciting for them.

  1. Work-life Balance

Another prevalent cause of losing mental peace is finding it hard to maintain equilibrium between personal and professional lives. To relieve this pain area, it is important to realize that employees would not be able to focus on work if they take their stress home. To resolve this, it is advisable to provide enough relaxation in terms of time and attendance. Moderate your leave policies, T&A rules, dress code, and other regulations so that the fear of suffocation due to too much strictness goes away.

  1. Yoga and Meditation 

The whole world has recognized and accepted the boons of yoga. So, why leave the corporate world out of it? If you find your employees struggling with work pressure even after reducing the load, you can give it a try. Open a separate yoga/ meditation/ exercise room and organize classes every week. Such activities keep the mind calm, active, and energized to enhance concentration on work.

  1. Motivational Lectures

This is one of the widely adopted ways to maintain employee health and satisfaction at work. The motivational speakers can be invited for guest lectures to boost the morale of underconfident employees. These experts have a fine art of convincing people to be optimistic and lively. Hence, when you can’t do it on your own, take assistance from an outsider.

  1. Therapy/ Counselling

At last, when the situation is absolutely serious and you are able to recognize the employees facing Ergophobia, it’s time to seek medical advice. Call a therapist or counselor to analyze the conditions. Assistance from a doctor is always better than making assumptions and ending up in a worse situation. So, before the problem becomes too big, put them on medication, if needed.

Therefore, the bottom line is that the key to fighting such conditions is to keep employee engagement and satisfaction levels high at all times.