A common saying goes; if you do not slow down in life, you will not only miss the scenery but also the sense of where you are headed. Tomorrow is untold, and the only guaranteed moment is now. So live life as you will only live now; this doesn’t encourage you to be a hedonist and throw all caution through the window but to appreciate the small moments you have every day.

1. Stay Healthy, Eat Healthily, and Exercise

The first thing every morning when you wake up, make yourself and enjoy a hot cup of espresso – if you love cold brew coffee make one too.  A hot cup of coffee stimulates your brain to kickstart you for the day. Plus, if you brew it carefully, the coffee will be great for your taste buds. Below are more ways to enjoy every day like it is your last.

A healthy person is a happy person. Even when you are distressed at work or home and nothing seems to be going right, you will always appreciate each day if you are healthy. Good health means the absence of pain, discomfort, hospital bills, time spent in the hospital, and so many other stresses that come with ill-health.

You can stay healthy by observing simple daily diet and exercise routines. Even when you do not have money to visit private doctors, stay healthy by eating right, drinking enough water and sleeping for at least eight hours every day. When you sleep enough, you wake up every day rejuvenated and ready to take on the day’s tasks.

2. Be Other-Centered, Be Kind

Happiness and joy are a result of the interactions you have with other people and with the surrounding. You cannot be kind to your environment and unkind to people and be truly happy. Again, you cannot be helpful to those around you and cruel to the environment that feeds you. Every day, you have to wake up to make a difference in the world and make more friends.

Friends will be there for you when you need them, and they will make your day at work wholesome. Have you ever worked in the company of people who do not like you? How was the feeling? Even when you think one or a few people in a group hates you, your day is ruined. The one way to be likeable and make friends is to be kind and people-centred.

3. Forgive Yourself

Self-loathe will not only slow you down at work but will also take your joy away. The feeling that you are not worth as much as the next person is detrimental to your progress at home and at work. We are all human, and you need to remember that. We all make mistakes, and when we do, we need not dwell on these mistakes but move on and find new adventures.

When you forgive yourself, you find a way to work out your issues fast before they plunge you into depression. Again, you find a way to enjoy every moment of your life.

4. Do Something You Love

Another common saying goes; if you make your passion your career, work will become play. But, how many of us are in careers we really look forward to every morning? If you found yourself in a career field you sulk at every waking morning; you need to find a way to enjoy every minute. If you are in a career you love, make the best of your days and enjoy it.

Besides your career, there must be something else you love doing in your free time, besides watching Netflix. Do you love art? Can you act during your free time? Do you love culinary arts or cooking? It is these small tasks that you enjoy doing that make your days worth looking forward to. If you love grilling, get a grill and take it away; you might even make money while at it.

5. Be Free-Spirited, Learn to Let Go

If you still harbor a grudge against an aunt who said you couldn’t watch TV when you were in kindergarten, you will sulk at most other people throughout your day. Every time you hold a grudge against someone, you take a piece of your day’s joy away. When you keep a free spirit, you are flexible and can find a solution to any problem life throws at you. You also let go easy, and your life will be without emotional baggage.

6. Live Within Your Means

Everyone wants to make enough money – but we never really make enough money until we cross the billion mark where we can spend as much money without worrying about tomorrow. In the frantic search for more money and a better life, some people end up taking loans that add to their day’s stress. There is no way to enjoy your day when you have seven messages from payday lenders, a few more from your bank, a couple from friends and relatives, and a couple from your electricity company.

When you live life within your means, you will have enough money to take care of all your bills without going to any lender. You will have the peace to enjoy every minute in your day. Debts take away your joy.

7. Start Living Today

When you are young, you think life has endless days – like today is a replacement of yesterday and you will have tomorrow to do what you did not do today. That is not always the case; you cannot hold grudges, postpone things you were supposed to do today, and keep thinking something will come and make your days better.

Make an effort to enjoy every moment; take every day as a new life experience and live it fully.

It all starts today!

Do you feel happy today? Have you laughed today? Have you smiled at someone? Have you enjoyed deep conversations with those around you? Have you had a healthy meal? While you need to create a flexible routine that lets you enjoy every day. You need to stay away from things or situations that stress you. But you need to start today.