Ever notice how some mornings start off with something bad happening and then your whole day seems to fall down the spiral of awful events turning your day into one of the worst ever? It’s no mistake when this spiraling of bad events happens. The mind is a powerful thing and by not setting yourself up positively for a successful day, you’re putting yourself at risk for even more not-so-fun days in the future!

In order to bring on an amazing day and keep the bad days a think of the past, you need to be willing to spend some time on your mornings for setting up your day effectively. Set your alarm earlier to practice these few small things and you’ll find they soon begin to make a huge difference in your day. Don’t let yourself wake in a rush, as oftentimes just being late is enough to start the day off wrong.

7 Steps for the Perfect Day!

1. Think positive thoughts before falling asleep at night. Ever notice how when you fall asleep stressed you wake up stressed? Everyone knows our minds go over our day while we sleep. Think a few grateful thoughts before falling asleep. Focus on your day and the good parts that made you happy. Think about a loved one. Find a peaceful state before getting some shut-eye each night, and you’ll ensure that you wake up happier.

2. Get into the habit of a daily gratitude practice. It’s easy to forget about the good things in our lives and just focus on that one stressful event that happened this week. Train your mind to think about the good things and spend 3-5 minutes in the morning before getting out of bed, just thinking about the things that have made you the happiest. You’ll know it’s working when you start to feel happy and more excited for your day.

3. Do a quick short breathing meditation. Try to quiet the mind and simply focus on deep inhales and exhales for a few minutes to help center your mind and clear your head.

4. Think of your day going successfully. I stole this from Rhonda Byrne’s “The Magic” a few years back and it’s made a huge difference in my day. When you see your tasks, daily to-do’s, meetings, appointments, work, play, and whatever else your day might be filled with- going the way you planned, your lining your day up to be every bit as awesome as you expect it to be. Visualization is a widely known technique practiced by many who have seen the real benefits of using it. If you haven’t tried it out, start it today and you will be amazed by how much smoother your days go!

5. Got an issue on your mind or a worry you can’t seem to quit thinking about it? Write it down, and then let it go. This is much easier said than done, but here is also another awesome technique I learned from miss Rhonda Byrne… When you write it down, write down “Thank you for the perfect solution to….” and list your worry. Again use some visualization here and imagine the stress being removed by the solution coming to you today and solving the problem. Say it to yourself, believe that it will happen, and let it go. It’s hard to do at first but you’ll find with practice, you begin to naturally start worrying less, and often times the perfect solution comes to you without you having to even put any more thought into it! I’ve done this a ton over the last few years and have had problems resolved naturally very quickly and without any extra effort or worrying made on my part!

Also, if it helps, I heard this statistic once that has helped but my worries to rest as well… 85% of what we worry about, never even happens. Yep, that means most of us are worrying, most of the time, for absolutely nothing! Let the worry go and be happy now! You’ll find this one simple tip will make a world of difference in your day!

6. Along with the last tip, when negative things happen in your day (which unfortunately is life and there will always be bad things that occasionally happen to us), don’t focus on it. If you’re worried about it, again use the previous step above to help bring you peace. If it’s something upsetting that has angered you, frustrated you, or made you very sad, or embarrassed, instead choose to let it go and start thinking more positively. Let off some steam and then think about the good things that have happened in your day that totally outweigh that one bad thing! Think about the people, things, events, or relationships you are very grateful for. Call a positive friend. Get a massage or do something that will relax you. One of the best tips I’ve found is going back to my meditation and quieting my mind while focusing on my a warm sensation in my heart. This seems to help diminish the upset for me and help straighten me and my day back out again!

7. Get enough sleep. A good night’s rest can sometimes be all it takes to make a world of difference in your day! Ever notice how much harder it is to deal with even some of the smallest problems when you’re running on only a few hours of sleep? Small annoyances have a way of becoming much bigger problems when you haven’t had adequate sleep.

Get in the habit of going to bed earlier. Put away the technology an hour before bedtime so you can fall asleep more easily. Think those happy bedtime thoughts, meditate, drink some sleepy time tea, read a good book or anything else that helps your body and mind know it’s time for bed. Keep distractions out of your bedroom that will keep you awake or wake you up at night, like pets, phones, or lights.

Sleep on the right bed! Mattresses wear out, and one size or firmness level does not fit all. Find the right bed that works for you to help you sleep comfortably and stay asleep throughout the night. If you sleep hot at night, look into a mattress with cooling capabilities like the Brooklyn Aurora from BrooklynBedding.com. This luxury mattress with titan cooling technology provides optimal cooling comfort while sleeping, so you won’t wake in a hot, messy sweat! The Brooklyn Aurora contains over 1200 pocket coils for the ultimate support, and also uses titan flex technology which adjusts to your body each time you move to help promote better, more relaxing sleep, that will help you start sleeping better today!

Which each new day presents its challenges, it doesn’t need to be challenging. Follow these 7 steps above to help your mind and body effectively and happily take on and conquer the day!