What is self-confidence?

Self-confidence is trusting in one’s abilities and knowing that no matter life’s challenges that they can tackle them. That being said, those that are innately confident tend to lead a more positive life and reach their goals more frequently.

7 Ways to Grow your Self-Confidence

Ditch the positivity leeches: Decluttering your social circle and ridding yourself of positivity leeches is a powerful way to ditch negativity. You don’t need to be judged or to be another’s sounding-board if it negatively affects you. If you can’t part ways with someone, then take them in small doses to minimize their destructive impact on you.

Project confidence: Confidence speaks for itself, when you’re standing tall, with your shoulders back, head up and wearing an inviting smile. Speak with confidence by maintaining eye contact and speaking clearly and concisely when talking to others. And dressing for the part with figure flattering dress styles that lend you confidence.

Forget your inner critic: Self-doubt undermines your confidence. Instead, change your attitude. Swap the “I can’ts” for “I can’s” and focus not on failures but on positive affirmations that’ll help lead you to success. Our brains feed off our thoughts, so change your narrative and see life through a happier lense for greater prosperity.

Make a list: Write a list as to why you should be proud of yourself or of what you’re grateful for and post it somewhere highly visible – fridge, bedroom mirror, etc. This will serve as a daily reminder as to why you are amazing and how terrific your life is!

Random acts of kindness: Help out. It doesn’t have to be a huge effort, just go out of your way to open the door for someone or offer a compliment to someone in need – step outside yourself for a confidence boost.

Challenge yourself: Step outside your comfort zone and never allow your life to become too predictable. Challenge yourself, so your confidence doesn’t atrophy – take a class, try new foods – and add adventure to your life. Trying new things is guaranteed to help prop up your can-do attitude.

Self-control: Master your impulses. Don’t allow irritating, upsetting or frustrating situations get the better of you. Confident people don’t lose their cool, they’re the level-headed ones you turn to when in doubt. Take a deep breath when your self-control is in limbo and talk yourself down. You’ll feel better and that’ll make you feel more in control of yourself and will lead others to believing in you too.

Got confidence?

Confidence is like a muscle that needs constant exercising for it to function. So for a healthier and happier you, keep building up your confidence to reach your goals. Investing in you is a safe bet! And while you’re at it, never stop believing in yourself – because if you don’t believe in you, then who will?