Every individual should strive to live mindfully. Mindful living is all about focusing on the present moment instead of hanging on to the past or thinking about the future. We are so busy sulking over our past or contemplating how we desire our future to be that we forget to enjoy the time now. When you take some mindful actions, you will see a major shift in your quality of life. Here are a few tips that will help you through the process.

1. Cook Your Meals:

While opening a packed meal and microwaving it sounds like an easy meal fix, it will honestly not taste the same as when you cook your meals. Just take out time to cook your meal. When you know what ingredients you are using to cook, you will become more mindful of eating the meals you have cooked and enjoy its flavors. 

2. Lookup When you Walk:

When we hurry to reach a place, we concentrate on our footsteps and forget to look around. This is not being mindful. Mindfulness is all about noticing everything around mindfully and being in the present. Your concentration here is on the destination, not on the passage. Shift your focus, and you will not just reach your destination timely but also enjoy the path. 

3. Listen Carefully to Others:

Most of us hear others speak, but sometimes we just forget to concentrate completely as we think about something else. You will hear a bit of what the other person says, but not with full concentration. It is a good practice to be in the present moment while having a conversation. You always have time to sit with your thoughts once the conversation is over. 

4. Sit next to the Window:

We are so busy running errands around the house that we forget to appreciate little things. It is essential to take small breaks and collect your thoughts. Do not switch on the TV while sipping your coffee, instead look outside the window and experience the beauty of nature by mindfully noticing the outside. 

5. Practice Meditation:

Meditation is the best way to connect with your inner self. Medication helps to transport you to a world where you are free of thoughts. It helps you to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts, and you feel rejuvenated and more mindful. 

6. Lead a Life of Non-Attachment:

Mindful learning also teaches the importance of detachment. We live in a world where we are attached to things and also people. This increases heaviness in the mind. When you detach yourself from all things around, you will automatically feel lighter, and this will help you mindfully focus on more essential things. 


A cluttered home will only make your mind go chaotic. A clean and decluttered home also helps in decluttering your mind. Throw off things that crowd the area and add items that enhance the energy in the room for a Zen living.

7. Pause and Reflect:

So many things happen every day that you forget to actually take a pause and reflect. You may not have time to do this throughout the day, which is why, at the end of each day, revisit what has happened to understand the good and bad. This will further help you avoid the same mistakes in similar situations.

The Bottom line:

Now is the time to become mindful in our life and more aware of things around you. Step away from all your gadgets as much as possible to practice mindful living and experience the true essence of life.


  • Narendra Sharma

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