Feeling tired, stressed out and overworked?

Feel that right now you have zero energy to be the person you want to be?

Imagine being whisked away to an expensive yet relaxing retreat, where you will focus on making the most of YOU time and experience a life-transforming rejuvenation of your mind, body and spirit…

Sound enticing and exactly what you need right now?

Hold on a minute.

Did you know that you have the power and the time to re-treat yourself for low or no cost?

How busy is your life? Think of all the ‘chaotic’ words you hear or use in conversation almost daily. Such words as social media, 24/7, 365 days a year, too much on, stress, no time and so on.

It’s time to stop, to slow down and to become more mindful or aware of you and your own well-being.

Here are 7 ways you can re-treat yourself:

  1. Be not Do. As we are human beings not humans doing, give yourself a chance to be in the moment. Make the time, starting with 5 minutes a day and building up to 15-20 minutes.
  2. Make a 1% change to something in your life or business. When you aim for 100% you set the bar too high. Aim to change a small, yet significant 1% which will in time, add up to 100%. Can you imagine the difference?
  3. Reconnect with your why – your purpose, cause or belief, change where you work – source an inspirational location such as a coffee shop, or change the time you work – what time of the day/night are you at your productive best?
  4. Let your mind wonder. Make time to set your mind free. How was the experience for you? How did you feel, what did you see, smell, touch, hear and taste? Wonder is the simplest action you can take to reduce stress or anxiety, to boost your well-being.
  5. Get more sleep. Ban mobile devices from your bedroom and avoid screen time at least 30 minutes before going to bed. Create a dark, calm space where you can relax and slumber well.
  6. Disconnect from social media and mobile devices. Just because it pings, doesn’t mean you have to pick it up or click on it. Focus on how you can become distraction free.
  7. Find your bliss. Run, meditate, practice yoga, read. Challenge yourself to 15 minutes a day.

Make time and make change happen to re-treat yourself and to boost your wellbeing. You have the power in your hands, you simply have to choose to make it happen.

How will you re-treat yourself?

Originally published at gailmgibson.com


  • Gail Gibson

    Performance Coach, Speaker, Podcaster and Author

    Gail Gibson enables you to achieve peak personal performance through mindset and behaviour change. Gail delivers a unique style of ‘Can Do’ coaching with proven results in empowering people to break through the frustration of stagnant or unfulfilled personal growth. The simple, yet incredibly effective coaching techniques she’s honed and developed, have led to life-changing transformations in mindset and well-being for her numerous clients.