reach out to others

For many, the holidays are looking quite different this year. It’s much harder to see others and be near those we hold dear.

However, that doesn’t mean we’re alone. And it’s important to reach out to those that may be feeling a little lonely or isolated.

So, here are seven quick ideas to make the holidays bright for someone you love.

Send a Card

This could be a “hello,” “thank you,” or Christmas card. Either way make it personal and write a few things you appreciate about the other person.

Facetime When They Need It

Not able to see your loved one? Stay in contact through a phone call or facetime them if they’re feeling blue. If you need to, get creative with a Zoom game night or conversation questions.

Drop Off a Gift

Stop by with some storebought or homemade goodies and a reason to say a quick hello. Especially if they’re in quarantine, they’ll appreciate something to look forward and social contact.

Read here for a BIG list of different ways to say I love you to people you care about.

Text Just to Check-in

Make sure your loved one knows you’re thinking about them. Text something silly, inspirational, or even a random meme just to say hello.

Do an Advent Calendar From Afar

This one is fun! Decide on special Christmas activities and share the list with your loved one. The two of you do them in your own homes at the same time. You can even call or facetime as you do your activities. 

Make Them a DIY Self Care Kit

Throw together a few items that will make your loved one feel good this winter. Wine and fuzzy socks are required for a cozy time!

Offer to Help

If you know someone that can’t make it to the store, or will be unable to put up outside Christmas lights this year, offer your services. Just a few hours of your time can make someone’s entire holiday.

So, what can you do for your neighbor, friend, or family member this week?

In Conclusion

Yes, we’re going to need to do some adjusting this holiday season. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be positive and spread love and joy.

So, make someone’s day today!

“Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light.”

Norman B. Rice