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Wake up. Work. Come home. Sleep. Repeat. Sound familiar? It’s easy to rush through life without making room for the little things that are beneficial to you in the long run. After a long day, implementing a few simple routines into our daily lives can help us in ways we could never imagine. Here are seven simple steps you can take to slow down at home.

1. Practice meditation

Meditation may sound daunting to someone who’s new to the concept, but there are countless benefits for those who practice it. Whether you simply want to sleep better at night or need help focusing, this practice has been shown to slow people down because of the intentionality behind it.

2. Engage in self-reflection

Exploring the world of journaling is a great way to self-reflect. Write down how you’re feeling on a certain day, something great that may have happened, or five things that you’re thankful for—whatever it is, self-reflection can help you stay open-minded and think with clarity.

3. Create a peaceful environment

Whether it’s decluttering or practicing minimalism, a peaceful environment will take on a different meaning for different people. According to House Method, you can repair or replace faulty appliances that make a lot of noise or you can get rid of everything that doesn’t “spark joy” as decluttering guru Marie Kondo would say.

4. Appreciate the little things

Sometimes, slowing down can be achieved by simply appreciating the little things in your home. Maybe it’s admiring the family photo on the wall or perhaps it’s taking a moment to appreciate your warm fireplace or soothing back porch. Try to see your home with new eyes and appreciate those little things—there are an endless amount of possibilities for you to choose from.

5. Start a hobby

Starting a hobby is a great way to get out of your mundane day-to-day routine and learn new things. Consider taking up a hobby like making jewelry or learning how to knit a blanket—there are so many hobbies you can start to help you slow down and do something for yourself.

6. Do one thing at a time

Attempting to multitask is a surefire way to avoid slowing down. When you get home, try to be mindful of when you’re trying to do more than one thing at once. If you’re watching a show you love, don’t scroll through social media at the same time. No matter what you’re doing at the time, take your time and give each task your full attention.

7. Try to read at least once a day

Committing to reading a chapter in a book or skimming a news article at least once a day is a great way to force yourself to stop what you’re doing and slow down. It will ensure that you’re constantly learning new things and getting out of your own head. If you hate reading, try listening to a podcast or audiobook. Either way, you’re gaining something new that you didn’t think about previously.