It’s official. You’ve been grounded for more weeks and are being forced to “stay in your room” which can feel like solitary confinement.  Mama Corona did not come here to play with you! While you’ve been prescribed to socially distance yourself, the isolation can leave you feeling idle and anxious with concerns around the impact this will have on the economy, your job security, or your business.  Times like this can feel like punishment, bringing up those same fears, frustrations, and feelings of being “bad,” but this time with money, leaving you uncertain about your financial future.

           Many people think worries about money are just a “broke” person problem, but SPOILER ALERT, they’re not. The truth is, even HIGH EARNERS can still have a TON of fear around money. It’s the equivalent of hearing someone cough around you during this pandemic… the kind of fear that makes your body tense up and makes you question if your throat or stomach is hurting all of a sudden or you aren’t feeling well.  As a Money Mindset + Business Coach, I am here to help you replace panic with peace, and turn your fears into financial favor. Here’s 7 steps to get started:

1. GET GROUNDED (this time in a good way): First, take inventory of your bills. See what is a necessity vs. a luxury if you are concerned about the months to come.  If you have the money, pay your bills. If you’re experiencing financial hardship take action. Call the creditors and see if you can receive a 60 day suspension of payments or interest. This may apply to mortgages, rent, cable, electric, student loans etc.  While the debts won’t necessarily be forgiven, it will provide you an opportunity to get on solid ground. Connect with nature, take social media breaks when needed, and make sure you are still connecting with others and not isolating yourself during social distancing. 

2. GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD (and into your body): with gyms shutting down across the country, your usual workout routine may not be available.  Get creative with home workouts or take them outside for some fresh air and sunshine. There are plenty of free workouts online, or support your fitness friends that have taken their businesses online.  The endorphins will help you find a sense of peace in the midst of chaos helping you to make better, more informed decisions. Make a habit of this, and if you find yourself overextended financially once the panic over coronavirus subsides, you can cancel your gym membership and pay yourself instead. 

3.  SHIFT YOUR MINDSET. Balance is key.  Enjoying experiences and guilty pleasures are necessary as life is meant to be enjoyed.  When you’re feeling financial uncertainty, shift your mindset from CONSUMERISM to OWNERSHIP.  Your emotions and boredom can get the best of you during this time which will only make you feel more financially strapped. With the way Amazon Prime is so conveniently set up, you may find yourself spending unnecessarily.  Rather than letting boredom take all your dollars that you won’t see again, get in on the greatest sales of the year by making purchases that will actually provide you a return on your investment. Just because you can’t fly right now doesn’t mean you can’t buy and hold a piece of your favorite airlines.  Those stocks might just bring you back some “free flights” in the future. Cryptocurrency and stocks are having their biggest sales in a long time right now. Plant a few seeds that will potentially help you rebound or pivot in the months and years to come.

4. GO DIGITAL. Create or take your side hustle or business digital: And no, I’m not talking about unethical business practices like hoarding 17k bottles of hand sanitizer and getting banned from selling them online during a global pandemic.  I’m talking about a business that feels like it’s made for you, because it is. Do you think it’s a coincidence you’ve been forced to sit and slow down? It’s times like this you have been given more time to find and develop your purpose. Take this time to assess your aptitude (innate gifts) and learned skill sets to monetize your talents.  The world has been changing right before your eyes, and if you’ve been distracted by life, it’s providing you with an opportunity…will you take it?

5. ADAPT.  Remember your ex, Blockbuster? It can be hard to recall when you’ve found the conscious love of your life, Netflix.  When Blockbuster didn’t adapt, refused doing his inner work to heal + get with the times, he became a thing of the past and just didn’t do it for you anymore as you evolved. This rings true more than ever today as society and technology continue to evolve.  Some of the most lucrative and disruptive ideas were born from the last recession. It is during these times it pays to be more receptive than ever to new money strategies and understand that through change comes opportunity. Need an example of how to adapt?  If you’ve been driving Lyft or Uber and this income stream has left you financially stressed, adapt to the current environment and consider food or grocery delivery (i.e., UberEats and Instacart, respectively). 

6. REFI AND RESET.  If you have a mortgage interest rate in the 4% or higher, are concerned about layoffs and want to have access to some cash, have debt that you are looking to get rid of, or desire to increase your cash flow, now is a good time to consider a refinance while rates are very low.  Make sure your loan officer educates you and creates alignment with your short term and long term goals. If you need resources, check the link in my bio, @moneymitra on IG.

7. OWN YOUR MONEY MINDSET. Don’t let it own you.  What does this mean exactly? It means to gain clarity and take hold of the way you think and behave when it comes to your money.  Often times our beliefs around money and scarcity mindset run deep, connected to our childhoods. If you’ve never healed your relationship with money, it’s a great time to invest in doing so.  The fear, anxiety, and avoidance around money that has you stuck in cycles of shame and guilt aren’t even yours and it’s time to unpack that.  

A truly abundant mindset is being grateful with what you currently have no matter where you are in your journey to financial wellness, even during a quarantine.  Staying grounded and connected especially during these chaotic times will help you shift from fearful to favored, like scoring the last pack of toilet paper, don’t you agree?

Follow Money Mindset + Business Coach @MoneyMitra on IG. Checkout her bio for money & refinance resources mentioned in the article.  If you’re looking to gain clarity and heal your relationship with money, go to and schedule an epiphany call.  This immersive coaching experience transforms your money mindset while also providing tactical money management + investing tips, as well as business building strategies on how to create or elevate your WFA (work from anywhere) business in alignment with who you really are, giving you the freedom to create the life you’ve always imagined.