7 Ways to Win Your Day

How intentional are you in setting up your day, week, and month? Do you align every day to your 90 day plan and legacy? Are you clear on creating a life and business you love?

Do you love to mix up how, when and where you work? Whether you work from home, a digital nomad, or somewhere in the middle, there are ways to win the day in every way.

As a lifestyle and wellness entrepreneur for years, I’ve learned how to align passion purpose and people in many ways to increase results. Years ago, as an employee, I practiced some of these tips. Once I changed my mindset and habits in every way, everything changed.

This has included lining up what I work on and where I work so that my results in an area increase. One of my favorite ways to start off my week each week is by working at a coworking space.

Pictured: ServCorp Buckhead Forest part of Get Croissant network

7 Ways to Win the Day

As an entrepreneur or anyone that is goal-driven, it is important to determine how you work best with what tasks. For the past 3+ years, I’ve mixed working on strategy, structure, and systems of our lifestyle brand at coworking spaces, on the road, and in Airbnb’s for events and retreats.

I figured out that I do best with certain tasks in particular locations that increase results. Recently, I became an ambassador for Get Croissant and absolutely love it. There is a location right next door with Serv Corp in Buckhead Forest, as well as locations globally.

I typically outline my week in advance. I love to focus my Mondays on strategy, business development and media. I typically go on Mondays to a coworking space.

For years, even before I was a full-time entrepreneur, I generated substantial results with brands as well. I’ve learned now how to get clear on 7 Ways to Win the Day as an Entrepreneur. You can too.

Being an entrepreneur challenges you in self-discipline and time management like nothing else. To get ready for the 7 ways, I want you to think about what you are doing great with currently with strategy and results, and where you may want extra guidance. These questions will help you start to identify what works best for you to win your day.

How do you start your day?

What type of work do you do?

Where are you currently doing your work?

Do you get distracted in any way?

Are you tracking results daily?

When do you express yourself?

How are you creating a community?

I get how you feel in every way. Once you read this article, you will look at winning your day as an entrepreneur, or in general, in a whole new way. Here, I will share 7 Ways to Win the Day as an Entrepreneur.

#1 Set Up a Morning Routine

How you start your day sets everything up for you. I started waking up this year at 4:30 a.m. with music, prayer, and meditation to start while drinking my Herbalife tea. Then, I go do fasted cardio downstairs while listening to my goals. I come back and journal my top 10 goals by year with the top goal for the year in mind. I reflect and write down gratitude for the present and future as well.

Monday — Friday, we have a team personal development call to focus on mindset. Then, I typically have my shake. This is all before I touch any work aligned with passion, purpose, and people.

It is easy to see why I am now set up for success. It wasn’t always like this. Years ago, I hit snooze 3+ times, didn’t eat breakfast, and rushed to answer e-mails. It’s no wonder I wasn’t aligned fully and why I would be irritated before 10 a.m.


Wind down the night before at least an hour before bedtime

Think of what you feed yourself mentally and physically before bed

Write down your top goals for the year or a 90 day plan

Wake up earlier and think of 1–3 things you could do for yourself to start

Keep in mind the routine I shared with you now is years in the making. I didn’t “wake up like this” or start like this.

#2 Assess Your Current Work

Assessing your current work is important to do regularly. I assess my tasks weekly and how I feel doing them. If you are doing things that make you miserable every day, you won’t ever feel like you are winning the day.

It’s simple but not easy. It requires you to step back and assess with an awareness of your work and your life. I regularly assess what could I automate, delegate or release. There is so much freedom in doing that.

I practiced this regularly in Corporate. I implemented it again as an entrepreneur over a year ago. It helps me feel freedom in many ways.


Make a list of your current tasks and how much time you spend on them.

Consider what you may automate with a tool e.g. social media.

What would you love to delegate e.g. e-mail blast, repurposing content

Evaluate your growth and what you may want to release e.g. tasks, tools, etc.

This is an ongoing exercise as you and your business grow.

#3 Consider the Best Place to Do Different Types of Work

Considering the best place to do different types of work will help you win the day in more ways than one! I started to consider where I did different work somewhat in 2011–2015. For example, I would think about where would be the best place to film a video or podcast.

I started to pay attention to how I work best as an entrepreneur. I realized I love getting a lot of things done on Mondays including proposals and writing. This is similar to how I operated when I generated >$10,000,000 in 1 year my last year in Corporate as a full-time employee (Disclaimer: not typical, but possible).

In 2019, I have taken considering the best place to do different types of work to a whole new level. It has transformed my daily energy exponentially. It will help you too.

Business Development

For example, when I focus on business development, proposals, and media, I love to be at a coworking space. This gets me in the vibe of mentally preparing to do hands-on wellness, media, and travel at companies. I imagine them saying yes to the proposals.

This is currently on Mondays and Thursdays.

Wellness and Communities

The days I focus on wellness with workouts, recipes, and invitations to our free 14-day challenge and monthly mastermind, I love to work at our two-story lounge.

This gets me in the vibe of imagining hosting 30, 50, 100, 1000 people online and live. I love being in a space where I see and sit by the pool! We host our workshops at our retreats at the pool too!

This is typically Tuesdays aka #TransformationTuesday and daily during our monthly online live launch for our monthly program currently.

Writing and Expression

When I work on my upcoming book, How Passion + Purpose = Profits, I love going to a local coffee shop by the river. It gets me literally in the flow. If you are ever in Atlanta, visit the Chattahoochee River Company Coffee Shop.

This is typically Wednesdays and/or Fridays now.

Unleash Inspiration

Travel and Media

Travel and media vary from coworking space to the lounge to being on the road. I love filming media for our mastermind each time I travel! I did this recently with my New Orleans, Miami, and Atlanta staycation trip!

This helps me sow the seeds for future media trips, influencers, and engagements with brands. I treat any content I create like it is for God aka the highest form of review and payment whether I am paid in the natural or not.

As a result, it doesn’t surprise me when I get opportunities like this one because that is my faith, feeling and focus now each and every time.

This is typically Thursdays now including media.


Outline the types of work you currently do

Determine the best environment for your work

Shift your days and schedule to match the work

Assess how you feel all the time and adjust

Evaluate how you manage money like a boss

Build a Boss Brand

#4 Eliminate Your Distractions

Eliminate your distractions in every way. Some ways I see people massively interfere with their focus and high performance include checking their phone and e-mail every few minutes.

I suggest putting your phone, social media, and e-mail away and on silent. Before you freak out, let me share how you can eliminate your distractions and be more efficient.

Set up an out of the office to prevent yourself from being a slave to your inbox.

Pro-tip 1: Send me an e-mail to use my template [email protected].

Simply copy and paste my out of the office and tweak it to include your directions.

Pro-tip 2: Check your phone and e-mail at designated times e.g .9/11 AM and 5 PM/7 PM.

These are great times to align your social media posts and engagement too.

These shifts in eliminating distractions alone may improve your efficiency by over ten hours a week. This is one way you may make more time in your day.

Pro-tip 3: Assess the time of a task and stay focused on that task until you are done.

My productivity, efficiency, and results started increasing significantly when I started estimating the time a task would take and going all-in on that task. This post is a perfect example. I am focused on completing this post before I move on to something else.


Put your phone on silent

Remove unnecessary apps

Set up an out of office

Check your phone & social &

email at designated times

Set up your tasks and focus

Don’t be available 24/7

Give yourself the freedom to set up your day, week and month for what works for you. Don’t let anyone tell you what isn’t possible, not even you. As an entrepreneur, I have set up automation and taken a month off before.

I am currently setting things up to take a one-year sabbatical with community support from September 2021-September 2022 aligned to the schimta in the Bible. This will be my and our practice every seven years. I became an entrepreneur to have time, location and financial freedom. What about you?

#5 Express Yourself Freely

Express yourself freely consistently. Evaluate how you love to express yourself currently authentically and challenge yourself. This could be a blog currently. So, perhaps, the next step for you is starting a podcast. If you have started social media, but never gone live this may be your next step.

The point is to express yourself freely as an entrepreneur, in general, yet challenge yourself to grow too. For example, you can see how I started a blog, freebies, and podcasts.

These all involved elements of expressing and challenging myself. This month, I am starting to do lives consistently with launching our #14daychallenge and #sneakpeek to our monthly #onlinemastermind in October.

You can see anything I challenge you on, I challenge myself on as well.


Evaluate your online presence

Consider growing social media

Get consistent on your blog

How could you express yourself next?

Wherever you are currently is perfect. Don’t compare your chapter 1 to my chapter 7.

Express and challenge yourself to create in every way. You will inspire your community.

6 Track Your Results Regularly

Entrepreneurs often start out of pure passion and purpose. On the one side, it is amazing. It is important to set up ways to track your progress in multiple ways to make sure you are moving in the right direction.

This may include growth on your website, blogs, and podcasts. What gets measured gets managed. I used to track metrics like this faithfully in Corporate. As an entrepreneur, I got consistent with setting up and tracking metrics this year. This is my seventh year as an entrepreneur.

Get yourself in the habit of winning every day as an entrepreneur.


Set up Google Analytics

Track Your Website Weekly

Post Consistently on Social

Share on Your Blog & Podcast

Set Up Freebies to Create Community

Track Your Business & Proposals

Determine How You Create Community

Set Up a Consistent Flow for Exposure

Passion, purpose, people, and profits is important. Self-awareness, mastery, and discipline is too. If you can’t push yourself, create in a community like a mastermind for accountability. Even though I run a mastermind and community, I am part of over four communities ongoing.

I regularly assess communities, stability, and alignment.

#7 Create a Community

Sometimes being an entrepreneur may feel like a solo endeavor or being a lone ranger. Other times, we feel like we have a community that is not aligned.

Once you get clear on who you are and the community you want to create, it will change your life. Every day, I am more and more grateful for the community I am and we are creating.

Years ago, I allowed misaligned community. As a result, now I am clear on sharing health, wealth, business and travel to inspire others. Creating a community that loves creating a life and business they love motivates me as well.

Creating a community is an ongoing activity including a mission, vision, and spirit you share as the creator.


Outline Your Best Traits

Are You the Best Member?

Do You Have Values?

Create with Community in Mind

Who Do You Want to Help?

Find Out Where they Hang Out

Consider Online and Live Platforms

You may do only so much alone. With my God-Given vision, I am clear it will take a community.

There is no way I may create this vision alone in any way. There is a great chance you won’t be able to create your vision without the community too.

Win Your Day

Fall in love with creating a life and business you love. Embrace the vision and the journey. Choose to transform step by step inspiring others along the way.

This is what will help you win your day. It is what will keep you going through going all-in on your dreams.

12 Steps to Lifestyle Transformation will help you jump start.

Choose to keep creating no matter what comes your way.

Lifestyle Transformation
Lifestyle Transformation

Originally published at www.fitlifecreation.com

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