Ways to love your work (and be actively engage in your job without hating it!)

Eighty-five percent of workers worldwide admit to hating their jobs according to a Gallup. The research found that many people in the world hate their jobs and especially their boss. But they don’t necessarily hate the company or organization they work for.

Quitting is an easy way out

While it is easy to think that we could find another job elsewhere, the grass is not always greener on the other side.

The International Labour Organization’s flagship report shows that while the global unemployment rate is stabilizing, unemployment and decent work deficits will stay at persistently high levels in many parts of the world.

Slightly more than 172 million people globally were unemployed in 2018. That is about 2 million less than the previous year. The International Labor Organization expects the global unemployment rate of five percent to remain essentially unchanged over the next few years.

Therefore, if you currently have a job, consider yourself very lucky. There are many people who are desperately looking for jobs and can’t find one. The job market has become very competitive and depressing.

In fact, there are more than 62 problems and challenges faced by workers in workplaces.

Quitting your job prior to securing your next job is not a wise move.

You may even bring the same problems that you are currently experiencing to your next job!

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62 Problems and challenges faced by workers at work

Finding a new job is more complex than you think

With more job applicants trying to find work in a depressed wage growth job market, it is becoming harder to find a job that matches all the requirements of your dream job.

In reality, your dream job doesn’t exist. You have to create it.

The methods of job hunting have also changed substantially. Endlessly searching online job sites for vacancies is considered the worst strategy for finding work. Writing a cover letter and uploading your resume through job portals is considered a waste of time.

There’s no perfect job on earth

It’s worth remembering that all work is a compromise.

Job hunting requires realistic expectations of what you consider as your ideal job. It requires trade-offs to be made.

While it may not be perfect or what you want to do for the rest of your life but focus on what you can do in the present to make your job better.

‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’

This saying holds true for it’s better to hold on to the certainty of your current job than to lose it by trying to attain ‘something better’, which is uncertain.

It is also the low hanging fruit for you to re-ignite the love or interest again for the job you are currently doing.

By doing so, you can learn more about yourself and understand the root cause of your dissatisfaction or hatred for your current job. Use this as a learning opportunity and positively develop yourself to be a better person ready for your next job.

Love your work but don’t change your job, yet.

Take personal responsibility for your life

Oftentimes we blame other people and circumstances for keeping us from achieving the life we want or the work we enjoy. We make excuses for why we don’t have a thriving career we love, a romantic relationship that nourishes us, or the body we want.

The truth is that everything good and everything bad in your life has been directly created by you. You create your life with the decisions you make, big and small, each and every day.

The good news?

If you don’t like what you have, you have the power to change it!

You create the future you want.

This means creating the work you want!

Only when all else fails, develop an exit strategy

Only when you’ve done all the following things listed below and there’s just no way to love what you are doing, then consider moving on.

Until that happens, you cannot just run away from the problem that needs fixing. It is pointless to bring the same problems into your next job.

Find out the root cause of your work dissatisfaction

First off, take a deep breath. Then take a couple of minutes and really think about why your job sucks.

There may be internal or external factors causing the dissatisfaction. Thinking in this way will help you begin to consider possible solutions that will make your work situation better.

There are 75 possible solutions for you to consider that is listed below from the easiest to hardest.

There are a lot of ways to rekindle the passion and love for your work. It’s not a matter of doing everything on this list but picking the ones that work best for you. Remember you know yourself best.

Some may not be long-term solutions. But after determining what you don’t like about your job, you can find short-term solutions that will make your time spent at work more bearable and ultimately more enjoyable.

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