work from home productivity

So as we are gearing up for the new normal, we are preparing for a lot of things. It is like a complete change in the way we are living our life. No matter how much we try to keep things the way there were before the pandemic, it is becoming next to impossible. So we have to follow new codes and conducts in our day-to-day life. Sounds pretty simple and sweet, but it’s not always the case.  

First, it is tough to get the same knack of habits in the global pandemic. As most of the companies are working from home, people find it difficult to cope with the work amid the distractions. Don’t worry, here are 8 fruitful ways to improve your efficiency and productivity when you’re working in a remote environment or at home. 

1. Cut the Feeling of Loneliness and Isolation

One of the widespread feelings while working from home is the feeling of isolation. Continually working and striving to meet deadlines makes it easier for people to become machines and completely forget what’s going on around the world.

The monotony and boredom will depress you. But there is a way to beat that. Take short breaks between your work, go for a stroll, watch one or two episodes of your favorite TV show, cook or read or dial up a close friend. Do whatever makes you happy and more productive at work.  

2. Always Be Ready to Communicate With Your Colleagues

In the absence of the typical one-on-one interaction, it is easy to lose track of things you’ve communicated with your seniors, supervisors, and other colleagues. It may hamper your work schedule and negatively affect the output, which will further deteriorate your credibility as an employee and create problems for you.

Therefore, get in touch with your colleagues or supervisors during working hours. Use communication and collaboration tools such as Slack, Skype, and Discus Colab to communicate and collaborate with your teammates. 

3. If You Ever Feel Left Out, Forward a Joke or Start a Silly Conversation

We all have been there; we all get the FOMO, also known as the fear of missing out on the latest gossip and developments taking place at the workplace. No matter how much we try to focus on our assignments, it will take a toll on our productivity if we’re left out.

Therefore, you can share a joke with your peers before starting a conversation. It will keep you out of the vicious cycle of boredom and help in maintaining a connection with your colleagues.

4. Having Longer One-on-ones Than You’re Comfortable With

Many people might disagree, but a long and useful one-on-one session is highly essential to improve your productivity at work. No matter what, there is a chance to bring out and explain the mistakes and struggles in an active one-on-one conversation setting. People would be more comfortable and productive if they are encouraged to have one-on-one meetings where they can share their struggles, roadblocks, successes, etc. 

5. More Video Use Should Be Encouraged

We all know that videos help people communicate better. Videos are specifically helpful in allocating a work type, making people understand a different work type, or solving problems. Apart from it, videos also help in building a bond within the team. You can do a video call and crack a joke, or have a brief chat.

6. Chalk out a plan to balance schedule inconveniences

One of the most common reasons for deteriorating productivity is that one needs to manage administrative tasks such as storing and sharing files and sheets. No matter how much we plan, we’ll end up losing our precious time doing the same. Hence to mitigate the loss of time and staying productive, use a document management system such as GreenBox. It automatically stores your files, facilitates easy collaboration, and keeps them secured. 

7. Make sure you resolve communication issues with your colleagues

If you have difficulty getting into the context of a conversation or understanding a message, repeat yourself, or ask many questions so that there are no communication problems. After all, no question is a stupid question.

Since coronavirus has changed our working patterns, we need to develop innovative ways to stay efficient and productive while working remotely.  Here are 7 such tips that will help you do so. Remember, we all are in this together, and we’ll come out stronger!