Raising adolescents requires patience, effort and a good example, but also identifying some behaviors that are not appropriate.

When it comes to raising teenagers, you need to be very careful with your words and actions. Remember that, at this stage of life, boys and girls are building their character and deciding what they want to be. Both laxity and stiffness should be avoided as much as possible, so that adolescents have a balanced behavior.

Even if you want your child not to feel any kind of discomfort or suffering, both are essential. Why? Because you will not always be there to protect and defend it, nor will you always be able to alleviate its pain. Adult life is full of obstacles and children must be prepared ; teach them how to stand up for themselves.

The most common mistakes when raising teenagers:

1. Make them believe that they are the center of the universe

Surely your children are the most important thing in your life and it is good that you show them your love. However, a child who is almost idolized more than loved grows up thinking that the world revolves around him.

Love them as much as you can and as you want, but avoid forming selfishness and superiority complexes. Thus, you will help him to have a solid self-esteem but with his feet on the ground.

2. Thinking that your children are perfect

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School counselors and teachers are witnesses that parents do not want to hear anything negative from their children. The reaction of a parent to knowing something they did not expect may be to attack whoever tells them. Receive openly the opinions of other people who live with them.

The best thing you can do for your teens is to listen early before things get complicated. The boys are still building their identities , so it’s a good time to help them correct their behaviors.

3. Living through your children

Children are not extensions of your dreams and expectations. They have their own goals, desires, and aspirations; celebrate their success but don’t push yourself.

Everything you do should be aimed at fighting for your happiness and not increasing your satisfaction. Adolescents are not second chances for parents, they are autonomous beings who must carve out their destinies.

4. Behave like the best friend


One of the great problems of today’s society is that many parents do not behave as such and are not suitable for raising adolescents. The desire to receive love and acceptance from the children causes the role to become confused.

Keep in mind that it is normal that your children sometimes get angry with you and do not agree with your decisions. Permissiveness should be avoided as much as possible if you want to raise your children in respect.

Overprotection is very pernicious because it makes citizens dependent and sometimes very tyrannical, because they grow up thinking that the world revolves around them, that they are the kings of the house, not one of the family members.
—Javier Urra

5. Addiction


First of all, children must be aware of the destruction that drug addiction causes as awareness is crucial to avoid it. This scenario is fairly easy to achieve, as there is numerous drug information available online. Children can read completely free drug addiction essay examples and summaries, which provide helpful information on the impact of drug abuse. These paper samples also include details of its effects and use in college.

6. Losing family time

There is nothing more enriching for a family than the quality time they share. Although work hours, fatigue and household chores make it difficult, you always have to find a way.

The wonderful thing about your children being teenagers is all the way it has taken to get there. A present parent is the best gift you can give them.

7. Forget the importance of a good example

Attitudes speak louder than words . Parents have the difficult task of being an example of the attitudes they demand from their children. If you want your child to be the best version of himself, it is time for you to start being it too. Remember that they constantly observe you and learn everything you do.

8. Avoid adversity


For a child or adolescent to build character, confidence, resilience, and persistence, they need to overcome their own challenges. Every difficulty that he overcomes in his daily life makes him gain in values. The gratification of feeling capable and independent will make them successful and strong adults.

On the long road to rasing teens, great challenges come. Although there is no one way to do things, avoiding these mistakes will lead you to a safer path. Accompany the children in one of the most beautiful and difficult stages of their lives.