Not everyone in the present times has a spacious house to live in. The dearth of space and the need to accommodate the best in the limited area is what is required now as well as the days to come. That is the reason why more and more manufacturers for interior décor items are getting into the trends of making things trendy comfortable.

When it comes to beds being accommodated in a small room, there is a lot of thought that goes into it. There is the need to make space for smooth movement within the room and other essential furniture yet keep it spacious. While some think it to be impossible, there are multiple ways to make small bedrooms look spacious yet attractive.

Start by using light colors

Right from light-colored walls to the bed linen, try keeping everything in the lighter shade. With large windows or even windows that let in a lot of natural light does the trick. Using the color white can be the best choice as that is known to reflect light and make your room look spacious. You could also consider using light colored carpets that can help with making your bedroom spacious.

Avoid placing the bed in the middle

Pushing the bed towards the corner of the room gives a spacious look where you get to leave two sides of it accessible. Decorating the headboard or even placing decorative above the bed on the wall can allow you to decorate the room well despite having a small room size. This also lends the sense of being cozy the moment you enter the room.

Do not choose a bulky frame

Some like their headboard to be decorative or even high up especially when it is made up of the word and has intricate carvings in them. These beds look good in rooms that are large and spacious. When it comes to choosing bed frames for a small bedroom, choose something that has a light frame and doesn’t have any decorative headboards. Keep it simple while taking advantage of the wall above to turn them into storage spaces or even shelves to place decorative.

Use a portable bed/mattress

Another option is to use portable folding mattresses. These types of mattresses can be placed in used when needed and reduce in sizes for storage. The same story goes with air mattress and similar inflated bed. This way, the small room can have its regular use then convert into bedroom when guest arrived.

Minimise the use of furniture

When it comes to small bedrooms, multiple furnitures makes it look smaller. The lesser furniture you add to the floor space, the more spacious it would look. When it comes storage spaces, you could consider buying a bed that has inbuilt storage space that can accommodate your clothing and other belongings. This would function as both a bed as well as a cupboard.

Making vertical living space

This is an idea that is perfect for the room belonging to your children. You could give the room a spacious look by making sleeping arrangements vertically. It would give a dormitory kind of look while making your children have their separate sleeping space. It would become a fun activity for them to climb up and down while also getting a lot of floor space to play and do all that they like.

Use wallpaper near the bed

Anyone who says that wallpapers are only for rooms that are large are completely wrong. Using it on one side of the wall and that too in bold prints can give it a dramatic look. Busy and small prints would make the room look small. A bold color or print would ensure that the room has a focal point while giving it a spacious feel.

Use shelves on the walls

When it comes to making the right use of the wall around the bed, you could consider using shelves instead of standing furniture. It could be to keep decorative, books or even using a foldable shelf to use laptops. This could be done close to the bed while saving space for another laptop/computer table in the room. While sitting in the comforts of your bed, you can access the laptop.

While you follow all these tips, you get to choose the right bed for your room and not anything and everything that comes your way. Owning a small bedroom is no sin and when there are techniques to buy the right kind of bed and make the surroundings just right, why not opt for it.