career in business

Pursuing a career in business in India has been a highly underrated idea. As kids, we were told to work hard in school and earn a good degree. A strong education will lead to a good job, preferably a government job, and in turn a better life. The career opportunities in India were limited and included jobs like doctor, engineer, scientist, etc. However, this viewpoint is beginning to shift and India has seen a boom in careers in the business sector in recent years. 

Startups and entrepreneurs play a crucial role in a country’s economic growth. Realizing this the Govt of India has been encouraging and supporting the growth of entrepreneurs and startups. Moreover, since the arrival of pandemic and CoViD protocols, more and more people have come up with innovative and profitable business ideas. They have also started their online and offline businesses on a small scale and many have witnessed remarkable growth. 

When it comes to making money once you finish college, you only have three options. The first option is to “get a job”, while the second option is to “establish your own business if you have money to invest”. However, if you don’t have much money to invest in a business, the third option may be to “get a job, save some money, and then start a business”.

8 interesting reasons to start a career in business in India

  • A career in business gives you freedom over your time and decision-making

This is a tried-and-true reason for starting your own business. You shall be your boss and have complete control over your schedule. You won’t have to be concerned about being fired because you will be the one who hires the employees. You will have more freedom when it comes to making decisions if you own the business.

You will make your own rules, and you won’t have to wait for the boss to say “Yes” before implementing new business ideas. In certain circumstances, you may not even be able to benefit “your boss” at work. However, in order to succeed in your firm, you shall have sole rights to reform the rules and restrictions in the firm’s best interest.

Thus, a business career shall give you the freedom over your time and decision-making responsibilities. 

  • A career in business has immense earning potential

If you’re hired by someone else, chances are you’ll be paid according to a fixed salary certificate in your job. There will be times when you might require additional funds or desire a lifestyle change. However, these desires will have to be put on hold because the figures in your salary slip won’t increase. 

This is where having a career in business shines brightest. When you operate your firm with the new business ideas, your earnings won’t be restricted to a fixed salary certificate and you won’t have to depend on a salary slip. 

Building a new business is difficult and time-consuming. But the potential to earn more money is huge. You can either start your business with your own money or apply for a brick fundraising. It should be easier to get investors if you have impressive business ideas.

  • More success awaits you if you follow your passion

The drive to practice and continue is the key to ultimate mastery. To put it in another way, if you want to be good at anything, it helps a lot if you enjoy it and want to do it consistently!

According to ikigai, a Japanese concept, passion is what you love and are good at. If you find ways to get paid for your passion, it turns into a profession. So, a profession or career in business that has your heart in it is most likely to be successful.

When people are doing something they enjoy, they are more likely to figure things out easily. They put themselves in more difficult situations. They’re more attentive. They are better at remembering information. They make it easier to form social bonds. These factors boost the chances of success and, as a result, the scope of making money.

  • Retirement is a choice and not a mandate in a career in business

You must retire from your job after a “period determined by the firm”. How will you supplement your income after you retire? But in a business career, you don’t have to worry about these things because it’s up to you whether or not you want to retire. You can work or take a break as per your choice. Therefore, this flexibility in choice is another significant reason why owning a career in business is superior.

  • You have the power to create your own identity

When you operate a business, you develop your own identity, which distinguishes you from the employees. When you tell someone you own a business, it creates a “positive impression of you on them”. A salaried employee, on the other hand, will not have that option unless he or she begins their own firm.

There’s no harm in having a boss. But having a successful career in business and being the boss has its perks.

  • You won’t have to wait for holidays

This is yet another significant reason why a business career is preferable to employment. In order to obtain a respite from the “work burden”, you have to wait for holidays or weekends. Moreover, you need to apply for leaves well in advance and pray for their approval. However, in the case of a business career, you won’t have to wait for holidays to take vacations. You may arrange for vacations whenever you want. Also, the number of leaves doesn’t affect your salary slip so you don’t need to see any deductions in your monthly salary. 

  • A career in business will make you more ambitious

In a business career, you will learn new things of all types, and you will be required to inspect every department of the organization. You are more active than others since you have multiple duties. As a businessperson, you will encounter other ambitious people throughout the world who will help you achieve your goals by making you more “ambitious”.

Being ambitious in a business is extremely self-motivating. Ambitious people keep pushing themselves to be more and achieve more.

  • A career in business will improve your management skills

You’ll learn how to lead a team to achieve the best results possible by doing it yourself. You’ll also learn how to satisfy clients to keep them on board as long as possible. Teamwork is essential for a company’s success, and this is something you can learn by owning and managing various aspects of your business.

Moving forward in your career in business, you will need to get involved in all the aspects of your business. Each team or department might have a Head, but you need to lead and supervise all the Heads. You will have to make sure that all departments work coherently in coordination to come up with the best business ideas and to get the maximum output in your business.

Manufacturing businesses are very profitable and have immense growth potential. On the other hand, service-based online businesses require low investment ideas. Online selling and enterprises are thriving as a result of the rise of social media and online retail stores. 

With the right resources and proper planning, you can set up a profitable career in business. With the fine quality of products and excellent customer services, you can easily grow and sustain your career in business for a long time. People have come up with innovative business ideas and have also made successful careers out of them. So, the career opportunities in business in India have immense growth potential and we need to think of careers beyond conventional jobs and salary slips.