Psychologists are specialists who help us resolve problems, overcome fears, and sort out our feelings so that we can be calm and healthy. But they are also human beings and sometimes they have to cope with stress too.

We will tell you some methods that even professionals use to help reduce stress.

Write down everything that comes to mind.

8 Methods That Psychologists Use to Get Rid of Stress

John Duffy, a clinical psychologist and the author of a book about teenagers’ upbringing, says, “To reduce stress, I make notes. Thoughts, situations, relationships with people, article ideas. I write down and give structure to everything that comes to my mind. This creative process is really helpful because we forget about problems, our head becomes clear, the tension goes down. After that, I can see things from a different perspective.”

Be choosy when buying ingredients for a dish you want to cook.

8 Methods That Psychologists Use to Get Rid of Stress

Psychotherapist, writer, and teacher Jeffrey Sumber uses such methods to cope with stress:

“When I feel depressed, I like to eat. But it should be healthy food or a dish that I’ve never made before. I spend a lot of time going through the store, picking out the ingredients. Then, I cut them carefully, prepare the dressings, and slowly eat the dish. I often post the results on Facebook so as to make my friends envious!” Show More