I said – “AAAAhhhhhh” – and closed my laptop. A nice feeling of accomplishment rushed through the body. Several hours of productive work filled my brain with the dopamine flow. A far cry from what lattes and mochaccinos give you.

Uninterrupted productive brain sessions is one of the best things in human’s life. Good work satisfies this little inner existentialist that whispers to each of us: “You came to this world to leave something behind.”

Where do one gets to this sweet spot of prolongated consistent focus, though? In the era of digital nomads and productivity obsession, what premises are most likely to bring efficiency burst? Well, if you can’t afford an Honore-de-Balzac-ish office – which is always a top choice – you may look for fresh ideas and concentration in these less common places.

  • 1. Taxi/Uber

15 minutes here, 20 minutes there, and 40 minutes in the traffic. It adds up fast. When the deadlines are tight, keep laptop close and work every minute spent commuting. It helps to do big chunks of work without distractions, and it’s easy to snap in and out. Of course, it is more expensive than public transportation or driving, but often you will make more over the trip than you spend.

  • 2. Mall

Utilizable for making money, not just spending. Equipped with free wifi, heaps of snacks, drinks and toilet rooms, these consumerism temples are well designed for all things from freelance work to post-apocalypse survival. Avoid sticking to the food court with all its aromas. There are tons of comfortable sitting spots scattered around each mall.

  • 3. Local campus

A place definitely off the tourist beaten path. Meanwhile, the brainwaves buzz here is stronger than anywhere else. Tune laptop to any of the public wifi spots and suck in those smart vibes. Libraries, halls, coffee nooks, parks and porches all make awesome workplaces. And after you finish, you can walk out the door and take a train to another city. Not like all these students around, handcuffed to writing essays and diploma projects. Doesn’t it feel great? 

  • 4. Museums

Hit two birds with one stone. Few places have vibes as stimulating as museums do for creating something outstanding. A quick walk around provides a ton of inspiration to get you running for hours of creative work. The museum cafes, in turn, have comfortable tables and snacks. Or, one can opt for the public seatery around – the modern art spaces always have the coolest ones.

  • 5. Public Park

In warm climate, any park will do fine as an inspiring outdoor working spot. But to hack it even further, freelancer’s little helpers jump in. The mat will let you settle exactly in the shade of the most beautiful tree around, not on the nearest seat. A thermos cup plus some snacks equals fun picnic feeling. Don’t forget that the bundle comes with a priceless bonus of working with your bare feet in the grass.

  • 6. Laundromat

They say that white noise aids to get ultimate concentration. And it’s true. The laundromat is a cool place to find solitude and detach from hectic routines. So good it is, they even got a simulation website for it. But don’t go for substitutes. When you’ve been on the go for weeks, nothing is like doing laundry and work 2-in-1. Let your garments peacefully splish-splash in the bubbly water, while you make most of the quiet room with free wifi.

  • 7. Hotel Lobby

Nothing says ‘I’m a cool traveling freelancer’ like a working session in the hotel lobby. For the posh options, go to the Sheraton or Hyatt. Tell the receptionist you have an interview scheduled with their guest. Order an espresso. Then settle in a leather armchair and enjoy brass chandeliers and soft carpets. It’s well worth pretend-calling the “interviewee” and playing an annoyed journalist several times.

  • 8. Cyber Cafe

Popular a decade ago, now these gaming outlets are prerogative of the teenage web warriors. Cyber cafes are like hidden gems that meet all requirements. Free wifi, seats, toilets, snacks and energy drinks, you name it. Even the tech-savvy staff to help with laptop would any troubles occur. Guys and girls glued to the seats for hours of cyber-battling are super-motivational. Another perk for this extremely affordable and fun option.

Hope this list helped you to take a fresh look at your location opportunities, wherever in the world you are now. And if finding one of these is a struggle at your current place, where would you go instead?