Mini Vacation at the Lake

Summer time is quickly approaching. With that, many of us are spending our days researching great places to visit on a much needed lengthly vacation. But many times, it’s hard to take a huge chunk of time for an extended trip.

One way to help combat the stress of vacations while still being able to get away is by going on a mini-vacation. A mini-vacation means taking off Friday and Monday for a long four day weekend. This allows enough time for much-needed rest and to explore a different city or region.

According to a recent survey, only 51% of Americans take their paid vacation time. The stress mounts, and people keep working for fear that they will be replaced. But is this doing more harm than good?

Here are 8 reasons why everyone should embrace the mini-vacation.

Renews energy

When going somewhere different or trying new things, we allow excitement in our life. This excitement renews our energy and stays with us when we get home. Taking a mini-vacation or weekend getaway just might be the thing we need to boost our energy in the workplace.

Resets the mind

Being bogged down with never-ending to-do lists, constant calendar reminders, and demands and distractions pulling us in every direction makes life just feel crazy. Taking time away from the stresses of life allows our mind to reset and refocus on what is important.

Rewards hard work

Spending hours after work to meet deadlines and making a habit of taking work home regularly can feel like punishment with little to no reward. Taking a mini-vacation allows us the opportunity to reward ourselves for the hard work that we exhibit everyday. Take that break, put away cell phones, shut off computers and unplug emails. Allow this time to be a reward for all the hard work accomplished.

Reconstructs goals

Thinking about strategy and goals is an important part of our culture. You can use time during a mini-vacation to write out goals and the steps on how to accomplish them. This helps realign what’s important to us. Be specific and make at least one goal in every area of life: physically, financially, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Recaptures youth

Sitting in business meetings, working on projects, meeting deadlines usually force a work mindset and discourages play. Mini-vacations gives a the time and place where we can sit back, relax, and have fun. Let out that inner child that has been begging for a bike ride, ice cream, and days full of exploration. Let that kid out and be free.

Reduces stress

Getting away from the endless emails and phone calls will help reduce the stress in life. Stress is a leading cause of obesity and many life-threatening diseases. Take this time to get a massage, join some yoga classes, visit a meditation outing, or explore the sites. Plan vacations purposefully to get away from stress and use the time to relax.

Refocus priorities

It’s an easy trap to make other people’s priorities our own. During the mini-vacation, thinking about what’s important allows the mind to focus on re-aligning personal priorities. Make a new list of what’s important and create a plan to make that list a reality.

Reconnects with loved ones

Vacationing with friends and family offers the opportunity to reconnect with them. Mini-vacations are a perfect opportunity to grow those relationships. Encourage deep discussions, quiet moments of contemplation, and enjoy moments of just being in each other’s presence.

There is always going to be work to do and little time to do it, but don’t give up paid vacation time. Great companies will be fine without you for a couple of days. So, get out there and see the world and experience life. The benefits of traveling far outweigh the benefits of sitting at a desk.

What interesting places have you been to lately? Share your latest mini-vacation and share about how your time away helped you to stay centered and grounded.