Happiness comes from within. It is not something that just appears in your life, but you have to work at it. While it might look like it comes easy for some, they have probably had to work at it, too. There are many steps you can take to make yourself happy even when you’re alone. There is nothing wrong with being alone, and most happy people spent lots of time alone with themselves.

Understand Your Opinion is Okay

People often think if they have a different opinion than someone else, they must be wrong. If you realize that everyone has an opinion that they are entitled to, it will give you a different perspective. No matter how much you love or care about another person, you can have different opinions, and it is okay. This is an important rule to being happy because once you realize that your opinion is okay, you will be more confident in your thoughts. Just make sure to voice your opinion respectfully!

Being Along Doesn’t Mean You’re Lonely

Many people think those who live alone or are without a spouse tend to be lonely. This is not necessarily true. While you are the only one who can determine whether or not you are lonely, there are plenty of people out there who enjoy being alone. Being alone allows you the opportunity to relax, get to know yourself, and enjoy some quiet time. When you are alone, you get to be the boss of what you do.

Try Meditating

Meditation can be a powerful activity to creating more happiness in your life. Find a quiet, dark, peaceful spot and close your eyes. Try not to think about anything in particular. It helps at first to think about your breathing. Meditating helps to relax the body and soul and can get rid of stress and negative feelings. It only takes a few minutes per day. After you practice this for a while, you will notice a difference in your mood.

Listen to Yourself

Many people have a mantra or a saying that helps them get through difficult times. It can be as simple as telling yourself over and over again that you are okay. It can be more complicated and reference any goals or changes you have going on in your life. Talking to yourself and hearing your own advice can be more powerful than listening to someone else. While other people’s advice is important, your advice is coming from somewhere within and shows truth to what is happening in your life. You know yourself better than anyone.

Practice Self Love

Sometimes depression is a liar. It might tell make you feel that no one loves you, but if you practice self-love, then even when you’re alone, there is someone who loves you! When you love yourself, you will be happier. Speak positively about yourself. Never put yourself down. Realize that it is okay to make mistakes, and when you do (because you will), just learn from it. Tell yourself you love you at least once a day.

Think About Where You Were

If you are wondering if you deserve to be happy or not, think about where you were a year ago. Chances are, you have made vast improvements or have gotten through some difficult times. Whatever situation you are in now, you have come a long way. If that is still difficult for you, know that being alive and having lived through the past year is a huge accomplishment. I am sure you can find a thing or two that you are proud of accomplishing recently.

Exercise and Eat Healthy

These two go hand in hand. While it can be difficult to get off the couch sometimes, when you do, you will feel better. Exercising releases happy hormones in your brain which will boost your mood. Exercising alone can be more fun and rewarding than exercising with others. Food also has a major impact on your life and your mood. Food is necessary for survival, and depending on what you eat, can have effects on your mood. Try to eat a clean, organic diet filled with veggies, healthy proteins, and limit processed foods.

Learn to Say No

Saying no can be hard sometimes, especially if you are saying no to someone you deeply care about. You will be much happier when you participate in activities or do favors for others that don’t inconvenience you. While you might think that making others happy will make you happy, that is not true. In order to make others happy, you have to make yourself happy first. It is okay to say no sometimes!

You must take care of yourself before you can take care of other people or other aspects of your life. When you change your mindset and follow the rules above, you will be happy—even if you are alone. Being alone is okay, and sometimes it can even be better than being surrounded by others. Take the time to care about and love yourself no matter what. 


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