We have all the information we want at the touch of our smart phones, we know what a healthy diet is, that regular exercise, healthy relationships etc are important. We can find out almost anything we need on line but has our time been sacrificed for this?

1.SLEEP NOT WORKING. Do you regularly feel stressed and go to bed at night exhausted and overwhelmed. I don’t mean tired after a long day. The kind of anxiety that keeps you awake in Fear when you are beyond tired then waking up still feeling exhausted.

2. CONFUSION. Are you laying awake at night not quite sure what the problem is, if it’s your relationship, your job, family, where you live or just plain lack of finances and time that is the problem?

3. CONFIDENCE. Has your confidence dropped and all hope that you can live the life you’ve dreamt you would when you were young – Gone? ⚠Are you afraid to address issues with people around you in case you mess it up or have an emotional outburst?

4. HEAD IN SAND. Are you finding yourself ignoring your bank balance,debts or mail? Ignoring the real issues in your relationships, avoiding thinking about or taking action about the areas you know desperately need attention?

5. MESS. Is your car, house, laundry, work place, hair, diet, fitness routine, wardrobe looking messier than usual? Does this make everything else feel like it is a mess when it might not be?

6. HABITS. have your bad habits increased, perhaps you’re having a drink to block out the worries. You may find yourself comfort eating or not eating at all? Do you find yourself zoning out on social media, t.v, computer games more than you want to?

7. GUILT. Sometimes you may be snapping at friends and family and feeling bad about yourself afterwards. When you do something fun or for yourself you find yourself worrying about all the things you should be doing instead and feel anxious and worried instead of enjoying the moment?

8. PAIN. Do you find you’re having a lot of headaches shoulder, back and neck pain? Are you more prone to picking up bugs and colds when you didn’t used to be? Are those niggley aches and pains more frequent?

Have any of these points resonated with you? Some more than others? Well done for recognising that your life is needing some TLC!. Knowing that things are not good right now is the first step to doing something about it. What you actually need right now is to get back in the driving seat of your life and gain control.✔ You need to look at ways you can reduce the stress and have more fun and be more present with your nearest and dearest instead of being on overload.

But When and How can I do something about it? – I hear you ask!

I have an exercise you can do right now with a pen and paper to get you started with what to prioritise first. On the left hand side of the page make a list:- Happiness, Finances, Career, Relationships, Health, Meaning & Purpose. On the right hand side score each area on a scale from 1 to 10 thinking about your life today. Take some time to give them some thought.

The lower scoring area’s indicate that you may need some help with them. If you can think of people you may feel confident enough to ask for some help in those area’s write their names down beside the area.  Next pick one person and commit to contacting them to tell them that you’re struggling at the moment and ask if they could catch up for a chat to help you put some things in place to ease the pressure. The chances are this person already knows that you are juggling too much and will be delighted to offer some help. Imagine if it was them who asked you?

If you keep a diary chose a time and date next week that you have a space and enter “ME”. In this time you are going to commit to doing something truly relaxing alone. Such as have a long soak in the bath, walk, meditate – what ever works for you. During this time remind yourself of the circumstances, situations and area’s of your life you have no control over and let them be. Concentrate on the area’s that you can influence and Do something about and pick a couple of action points. When you have chosen the positive steps you can make, write them down and share them with the people you are closest to.  

Once you have the knowledge and desire to address your stress, sharing with close people that you are trying to address this will encourage them to support you. If you are ready to put your anxiety and worry in the past and wake up to the day with enthusiasm and a true sense of purpose, what have you got to lose? If you have someone nearby right now, go and tell them what you are planning. ✔ACT now! Don’t let another day, week, month, year, slip by.

Consider a life coach, talking to your G.P, Boss, friends, family. I know that I have been at rock bottom after ignoring all 8 of the above signs and I wish I had asked for help sooner!

You are doing a good job remember that! Obviously if things are too difficult to face alone please seek medical and professional help.


https://www.samaritans.org/how-we-can-help-you/contact-us  Listen to your body and your mind and don’t let something spiral out of control.