8 Simple Life Hacks to Have the Best Week Ever 

The way you spend your days is the way you spend your life.
Always remember that time is your most precious resource. Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Do you know why the way you spend your days is so important?

Because those days turn into the life you live. I firmly believe that your success is found in what you’re doing daily: the actions you’re taking, the thoughts you’re thinking, the dreams you’re chasing.

That being said, I’m giving you some major best practices and life hacks, so that you can infuse some major badassery into every single day of the year. 

First Stop: The Weekend

Let’s breathe new life into the weekend, Honey Bunny.

The time has come to use the weekends to your advantage. Yes, you absolutely should make time to binge watch the latest episode of RHOC AND you might want to consider getting ready for the week ahead. 

When you first start prepping for your week, it may take more time, but stick with it. Pretty soon you’ll be whipping through these tasks faster than you can finish a load of laundry.

Hack #1: Meal plan on Saturday and meal prep on Sunday.

One thing that I have struggled with during the week is eating healthy meals. I realized that the “going with the flow” approach I have been using to wing it was NOT working for me. 

I started meal planning on Saturday and ordering my groceries online. Sure, they charge you a delivery fee, but I see it this way: that’s time I can use to work on my business or be present with my daughter. I don’t have to fight for parking spots at the local HEB or say, “Excuse me,” a million times as I try to maneuver my cart through the aisles. I also miss out on the temptation of adding random selections to my purchase. Plus, it gives another person gainful employment, so I feel good about stimulating the economy. 

To build my meal plan, I usually scroll Pinterest and save the recipes that look interesting, healthy and don’t require too many (obscure) ingredients.

Here’s a look at the imperfect meal planning spread I created in my digital planner:

Set yourself up for success by writing down your meals in your planner. Source: LaTisha Cotto

(Granted, you may not be able to understand my shorthand and I didn’t completely fill it out all the way. What can I tell you? Progress over perfection, boo. Also, the random numbers you see on the bottom righthand side of the planner are page numbers for recipes in my cookbook.)

Once I’ve got my plan down and my groceries in order, I will meal prep on Sunday. I’ll make sure all of my ingredients are chopped and ready to be used. I’ll organize my fridge and freezer so that it’s easier to take out items when I need them.

Hack #2 Pick out your weekly wardrobe on Sunday.

Let me ask you a question. How much time do you spend each morning standing in front of your closet wondering to yourself, “What should I wear?”

(You can be honest. I won’t judge.)

I want you to consider that you may be causing yourself some unnecessary decision fatigue later in the day. You see, your brain is like the battery on your cell phone. When you are well rested and you wake up, you’re at 100%. With each decision you make, you deplete your brain battery. The tougher the decision, the more your brain battery is drained.

If you’re expending a lot of mental power trying to coordinate the perfect outfit, you may feel really exhausted by the time it comes to make an important decision, like which way to take the marketing campaign you’re spearheading at work.

Do yourself a favor. Pick out your clothes for the entire week on Sunday night. It’ll take 30 minutes tops and you can literally grab and go each morning. Conserve that precious brain battery so that you can use it towards those beautiful endeavors you’re currently undertaking.

Hack #3 Review your weekly schedule on Sunday evening.

Start the week off right by knowing what’s coming your way.

Have any major work or school deadlines this week? Cell phone need to be paid on Tuesday? Lunch with your mom on Wednesday? Did you double book yourself for happy hour on Thursday? Wanting to go to the gym for 30 minutes on MWF?

Take an eagle eye view approach on Sunday. If you know what’s coming up for you, you can game plan. Stressful meeting with your boss on Tuesday morning? You can spend some time gathering your thoughts on Monday, so that you don’t feel blindsided by the questions she’s gonna launch at you when you walk through the door.

Second Stop: The Workweek

Hack 4: Every morning take 10 minutes to review your planner.

I have had a love affair with planners since I was in elementary school. I literally would be lost without mine.

That being said, eery morning spend 10 minutes reviewing your planner of choice. Think about what’s really important to you and how you would intentionally like to use your time.

Then ask yourself, “If I were only able to get three things done today, which ones would I choose?”

Choose three things that move you forward in your life and your career. This helps you create intentional focus because working just for working sake is played out. You’ll be expending tons of energy, but not really getting anywhere.

Know the difference between busy work and productive work.

Hack #5 Curate your entire life.

Your energy is precious and you’ve got to guard it with everything.

Playlists. Instagram feed. Netflix queue. No more sad songs or IG profiles that make you feel like poo. No more watching stuff that haunts your dreams. Infuse every single aspect of your life with high vibe energy. Follow people who inspire you and make you dream bigger. Watch shows that make you laugh. Listen to music that gives you joy and makes you hopeful for the future. 

Your new motto is: If it’s low, it’s gotta go.

Hack #6: Eat one healthy meal a day.

When you try to bite off more than you can chew (pun totally intended), you start feeling overwhelmed. Pretty soon, you’re binging chips and queso on your couch. The best changes are the ones that are small, powerful and consistent. 

Instead of revamping your entire diet, aim to eat one healthy meal a day. This could mean replacing your morning Starbucks fix with a healthy, delicious smoothie. 

If you want to create healthy momentum in your life, start small. Keep it consistent (and delicious). Once you’ve got the hang of one healthy meal, then add more healthy meals and snacks throughout the day.

Hack #7 At the end of each day, write down 3 things you’re grateful for that happened that day.

Oh, the life changing magic of gratitude.

The truth is that you get to choose what you focus on AND what you focus on expands. By focusing on what you’re grateful for, what’s going right in your life and what makes you smile, you are inviting more of that goodness into your life. 

Pro tip: Specificity is your best friend. 

Instead of writing down, “I’m grateful for my dog,” try out, “I’m so grateful for the way Sparky runs to me when I open the front door. I am sweaty, tired and cranky, but, to Sparky, I am Beyoncé. He runs to me, tail wagging, and wants nothing more than a few small moments of my time. He follows me around the house and snuggles with me while I catch up on Schitt’s Creek.

Hack #8 Stop using technology one hour before bedtime.

I know you’re rolling your eyes at me, thinking, “LaTisha, did you really just tell me to put my phone down before I go to bed? My phone is my best friend.”

Hear me out, though. 

According to sleep.org, “The blue light emitted by screens on cell phones, computers, tablets, and televisions restrain the production of melatonin, the hormone that controls your sleep/wake cycle or circadian rhythm. Reducing melatonin makes it harder to fall and stay asleep.

Your phone will be there in the morning.

Sleep is just as productive as the time you spend working on that huge proposal you’ve got going at work. You’re rejuvenating on a cellular level and allowing your brain to charge its battery. It’s hard to be creative, productive and present when you’re exhausted. Sometimes the best answer to any obstacle is to literally sleep on it.

Well, there you have it. I invite you to try out these simple life hacks for 40 days and see the difference they make in your life. Real talk: you deserve to live your best life and the secret to your success lies in your every day actions.


I’m cheering for you. Like you are killin’ the game, boo.

From the Front Row,