01/8 Exercise or dance

This is not just for the weight watchers or fitness freaks. When you do some sort of exercise, your body releases endorphins which makes you feel happy. If you do not want to do a proper regime exercise then dance is one good option. Dance like nobody’s watching. Join some classes or simply check out the umpteen tutorials on the internet.

02/8 Simple ways to become a happy person

These days when there is so much competition, pressure from all arenas of life, being happy has become a luxury. This emotion can bring many changes to your personality and attract more positivity as well. To become happy, there are few simple things you can do. So scroll down and manifest all the happiness and spread the joy around with your smile.

03/8 Focus

Focus on the right things. Look at everything with a half glass full attitude. Be happy and grateful with what you have.

04/8 Do what you like

Don’t do what others expect you to do. Do what you like, helps you grow, and brings you happiness.

05/8 Envision

If you want something, you tend to wish you had it. But instead, act as if you already have it! Do this when you wake up and before sleeping. It is said that when you say the positive words out loud, you attract good vibes and manifest energy as well. It encourages you to work harder on what you truly need.

06/8 Music

Listen to good, happy music which attracts positivity. If you want to watch shows then watch something which is positive.

07/8 Interacting with good people

It is very important that you cut off or distance yourself from negative people. It is always said that you must surround yourself with positive people.

08/8 Stop complaining

This is where your words and thoughts filtering comes in. You must check what you say and what you think about. The moment you start thinking negatively about someone or something then consciously push it away. You will yourself feel lighter and happier after a few days.