You have the capability of living the life you’ve always dreamed. When implemented faithfully, the following formula will energize your intentions and remove any subconscious thought barriers that might otherwise inhibit their manifestation. Each of the eight points described below are designed to amplify the vibrational frequency with which your intentions are broadcasted into the Universe. This formula is central to activating the Creation Frequency. There are eight parts to the Intention Creation formula, all of which need to be taken into account as you write your intentions.

1. Present Tense

Describe your intention not as a future hope or dream, but as if it were a current reality. Write as if the outcome of the intention is already in existence as if the perfect scenario already exists. Visualize how you see your life and evoke the way it feels when your intention is fully manifest. Write from the outcome.

To the mind and the trillions of cells in the body, there is no difference between reality and imagination. Time is nonlinear. We are in the ever-present now. The Universe works in the present moment, not in an imagined future. You are proclaiming what is now. This is faith. You know it before you see it. When you know it, then you see it.

2. Positive Language

The universe does not understand negative language—words like “not” or terms expressing lack. Writing in positive language means writing about what you do want, not about what you don’t want.

If you write an intention like “My wife and I no longer fight,” the Universe only hears the word “fight,” and you might get more conflict, not less. The same sentiment expressed in positive language might read “My wife and I have a loving and peaceful relationship.” Or, if your intention is to find a job that is no longer boring and tedious, say, “I have a fulfilling and impactful career.” Claim what you desire, rather than trying to avoid what is unpleasant to you.

3. Emotionally Powerful & Authentic

Use feeling words that activate your heart and elicit an emotional response. Emotion is energy in motion. Emotion puts your intention into motion. Your emotions each carry a particular vibrational frequency out into the Universe. When you infuse your intentions with high-frequency emotions like enthusiasm, joy, gratitude, generosity, and love, they will resonate more powerfully—an important idea that I’ll return to in the next chapter. Ideally, every one of your intentions should include the emotion of love.

If you can attach high-frequency emotions to your intentions you will supercharge them. This is another reason why it’s important not to use negative language, because the emotional frequencies of those terms tend to be low, and they may sabotage your creative process.

It’s not enough to just add the emotional words to your statement. You need to actually envision yourself achieving your goals, and most importantly, to feel the emotions that they give rise to.

4. Spirit of Gratitude

Write from a place of gratitude—the kind of gratitude you would feel if you had already received your desire. Gratitude is associated with positive emotions, hence it will automatically raise your frequency. Expressing gratitude opens the heart, connecting you to the energy of love and abundance and readying you to receive. It is very easy to deliver what is desired into an open heart. Be a receiver.

5. What You Truly Desire

An essential element of becoming a successful creator is knowing what you really want. Your desires are an expression of the uniqueness of your soul. Your intentions should be what you truly desire—not what your parents, spouse, or friends think your life should look like. We are all programmed with beliefs of what life should look like. Throw those out and write your desires as if you were a playful child, not letting the “cares of the world” dictate your fullest expression. Be empowered to get what you really want.

6. Eliminate Judgment

Honor your heart’s true desire and trust that it is for the highest good of all involved. Do not judge anything your heart reveals as its aim. Allow your heart to playfully and be totally fulfilled. There is no ranking system for how worthy your intention is. It is not like spiritual intentions get fifty points and material intentions only get ten. Life is a holistic process. All intentions are part of the same perfect wholeness that you are.

7. Infinite Possibility

Write intentions from a space of infinite possibility. Don’t squish your intentions down to the size of your current consciousness. Write intentions in a way that will cause your consciousness to grow in the fulfillment of them. Recognize your limiting beliefs and omit them from having an influence on how you write your intentions.

We, humans, are programmed to constantly second-guess ourselves and life. We are afraid to fail, and so we imagine every possible scenario that might trip us up. In the process, we often talk ourselves out of the things we really want.

Doubts and limitations usually begin with a “but,” and they are often related to not having enough money, time, energy, and so on. In removing limitations, I find it helpful to ask myself, “What would I do if money was not an object? and “What would I do if I knew I could not fail?”

8. Upgrade as you evolve

When writing your intentions, be specific (your intentions will be more powerful if they are concrete and detailed), but don’t be attached to the details. The Universe might surprise you by delivering something that looks quite different than you imagined it would be. You may also adapt and improve your intentions as time passes—they are not written in stone. They are written in energy and energy is very malleable.

A common reason people get stuck when writing their intentions is that they treat their intentions as if they will never be able to change them. And this becomes a reason to never move on to the next necessary steps in manifesting the life you dream of. Here’s my advice:relax! You can change your intentions any time you want. In fact, because life is constantly changing and you are too, I would expect your intentions to evolve and develop as you and your circumstances shift. For now, all you have to do is write the most authentic and emotionally powerful expression of what you want right now.

Excerpted from The Creation Frequency by Mike Murphy with permission of New World Library. Copyright © Mike Murphy, 2018.