Are you frustrated with where you are in life? Are you tired of taking one step forward and something happens and it pushes you backwards three steps?

You can’t seem to ever get ahead. You are to the point that you just desire to break even. You are tired of hearing about others successes and breakthroughs. You have reached critical concern because no matter how much you try, you can’t get over your frustrations.

I want to share with you nine strategies I incorporate in my life to bust through frustration

1. Acknowledge your frustrations. Whatever happened to cause your frustration, happened and you cannot take it back. You cannot rewind the hands of time and change it. Accept it. And call it what it is, frustration.

Acknowledging your frustrations to yourself and a person you trust empowers you to move forward. When you decided to be honest and acknowledge that your frustrations are real and hurtful, positions you for victory.

2. Don’t blame others. Don’t play the blame game. It is your life and you must take full responsibility. Blaming others for your frustrations just makes you more frustrated. Stop given people that much power over your life. Even if someone is the cause of your frustration it is still your responsibility to forgive them so that you can move on.

3. Engage in vision discovery. When frustration sets in, if you do not watch it, your focus will tune into what is causing your frustration. What can help you diffuse your frustration is to engage in a better vision. Sit down and begin to write out how you see your future. Don’t base it on where you are, but on where you desire to be. Give yourself permission to see a better and brighter future in spite of your current frustrations.

4. Confide in a trusted person. You don’t have to go it alone. Don’t rush into, but spend quality time praying and thinking about who you can open your heart to.

Find someone you can trust that you can share your frustrations with in candid terms knowing they want prejudge or condemn you, but they will listen with attentive ears and a concerning heart.

5. Write your past successes – Grab a pad, pen, your lap top or ipad and go to a quiet spot. Begin to list all your past breakthroughs over frustrations. No matter how big or small write them down. You will be surprised of all the past victories you had over frustrations.

Writing down you past breakthroughs and success will ignite and energize you with a greater since of purpose to overcome your frustrations.

6. Refocus your thoughts. It is so easy to focus on the despair that is causing your frustrations. If you constantly focus on the negativity you will remain frustrated. Think on things that are productive, positive and progressive. Refuse to let your mind focus on what or who is causing your frustration. What you focus on the longest becomes the strongest in your life.

7. Identify possible actions to take. Now that you have incorporated the preceding steps it is time to take action. What will you need to do to move past your frustrations? What things could you do consistently to improve your current situation? Make a list of actions you need to implement and start taking immediate action.

8. Monitor your progress. Now that you have decided to take action to deal with your frustrations, you must constantly assess your progress. Do not panic if the frustration does not go away immediately. Do not stress yourself out if you still feel bouts of frustration. These steps are not some magical formula that you follow and your frustrations are forever zapped away. It is an ongoing process that takes effort, commitment and time.

If you are dealing with frustration these nine strategies will empower you to bust through your frustrations and live a life of victory. Will you take the challenge?

“To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles.” T.F. Hodge

Question: What
frustration(s) do you need to bust through to live a more productive life?
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