Why do some people get more confused the more they grow up? Because these people rely too much on illusions for their growth. They think that growing up is a process of getting better and better, so what does getting better mean? Before, they had no money, now they have money.

Before, you couldn’t do anything, but now you can do anything. In fact, anyone who has experienced growth knows that growth is not a process of getting better, but a process of adapting to get worse, and then, one step at a time, changing. Growth, in its most realistic form, is doubly cruel.Here are 8 suggestions for you to eliminate confusion

1, Insist on abstinence. Be able to give up short-term benefits and enjoy long-term gains. For example, staying up late, playing games, and brushing up on drama is cool in the short term, but what allows us to enjoy long-term gains must be spending time reading, studying, and working out.

2.Break away regularly. The old things that you don’t want and obsolete ideas should be cleaned up as early as possible. Just like life is stressful, not to release, over time will be easy to get sick.

3, No matter how much each month’s salary, take out part of the savings. Otherwise, when the time comes to use the money, you can’t get it out, and it’s useless to beg anyone. Nowadays, people are sensitive when it comes to borrowing money, so it’s better to save some for yourself, or to solve urgent needs

4, Regularly clean your room. You can also find out what kind of room you have, what your life is like. The person who often cleans his room must be a careful person, the room so much patience to clean up well, then clean up their own is a matter of ease.

5, Adhere to the exercise,build a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise, not only good for the body, but also allows our memory and attention to become better. For example, after exercise, the brain will improve the efficiency of processing things, tired state need 2 hours to do things, after exercise 1 hour can be done.Also,drinking water filtered by edr1rxd1 water filter every day regularly which is good for our body too.

6, Often praise others, not only others will be happy, ourselves will also be happy. For example, if you see a good answer double click on the screen, you will feel very warm and lucky ~

7, Complete 3 most important things every day . The most important things must be done on a priority basis, other things even if they are not completed, but as long as the important things are done, we will not regret that we squandered our time, the so-called most important things, not urgent things, but things that can make you generate revenue, such as school credits, the kpi set by the boss.

8, Even if you are busy every day, you will also find time to study. A truly great person is not someone who is busy from morning to night, but the kind of person who can continue to insist on reading and learning, even if they make a little progress every day, it is better than standing still. For example, if we want to improve our ability to communicate and express ourselves, we have to open our eyes. For example, reading all kinds of books, and what we learn in them can be used as topics for us to communicate with others.

At last ,I would like to tell you that never afraid of failure, because you know that even if you fail, you are just as strong as you once were, you begin to go forward, your confidence is not only back on your face, more engraved in your heart, when you have come this far, the only negative in your life, is that you begin to hate yourself for not trying: the value of life, often distinguished by far and near. So no matter how far you can go, Just keep going!