Do you want to improve your creativity juices? If yes you are not alone. We all want to be the next Whitney Houston, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elvis Presley and Pablo Picasso, right? It is doable just not easily so. Some people are born with an innate talent but most have gotten where they are through hard work, perseverance and desire. Armed with these virtues you can become whatever you want.

In this article I am going to give you 10 tips you can use to boost your creativity to phenomenal levels. Jump in and learn.

#1: Do something you love

If you want to improve your creativity, engage in something you love. Doing something that interests you means you are going to give it your all. Similarly you are going to have fun doing it over and over without getting bored. So as you set out to develop your artistic self, go for the things that make you come alive.

#2: Practice

As you know “practice makes perfect”. If you want to expand your creativity you have to do that one thing over and over. You have to practice continuously if you wat to make anything of your hunger to be creative. Create time to just work on your artistic side because if you don’t set time for this it will remain only wishful thinking. Make the practice time a quiet time so that you can totally involve all your faculties.

#3: Request for criticism

Criticism is a very important part of improving your creativity. If you don’t get someone to tell you how you are faring you will end up with mediocre art in your hands. Start off by asking close friends and family to watch you as you work in your art and give you an honest feedback. By doing this you will know where to improve and end up with a masterpiece.

#4: Write on your note pad

Get off that laptop and onto your notepad. Pick a pen and write with your hands. Writing on paper than typing is preferred because you write much slower than you type. This means you have a chance to ponder the thoughts before you write them on paper. Just keep on writing whatever comes to mind without giving much thought to accuracy. Note that you have to revisit your notes to pick out what stands out and sounds interesting to you.

#5: Brainstorm

Get into day dreaming and while you do so, write down any ideas that come into mind. Much as you might have things that you already love, you will come up with other ideas through brainstorming. This way you will come with a variety of ideas and with time you will see which ones stick. You can then hone them to bring out the creative in you and who knows you might end up inventing your own wavy hairstyles.

#6: Meditate

Many people tend to associate meditation with being too complicated and time consuming. In reality mediation can start with as little as 5 minutes a day and more when you get the gist of it. Meditation is crucial as it quiets your mind and gives you clarity both of which are important to rouse creativity. Meditation is so effective such that according to Huffpost some companies like Walt Disney adopted workplace meditation for their employees so as to increase their creativity.

People who meditate regularly have been found to learn new skills fast and calm down their emotions to allow creativity. You can learn how to meditate by watching YouTube videos and learn to do it alone with time.

#7: Exercise

Just like you exercise to build strength over time, your creative side also requires you to work it out so as to expand and refine it. To train your mind you can engage in creativity exercises like teaching others what you learn, daydreaming and utilizing both sides of your brain by juggling and solving math problems ,among others.

Additionally exercise your body has a positive impact on your brain hence on creativity. This is because exercise has a stimulating effect on the brain and gets the brain cells working. These exercises can include dancing, yoga, running, cycling and swimming among others.

#8: Team up with an expert

You might have heard the “saying if you want to walk fast, walk alone but if you want to walk far walk together. Nowhere is this more applicable than in your bid to increase your creativity. Coupling with people who are better than you are in area you want to excel will see you learn immensely from them. This will see you get concepts faster and better.

To Wrap up

Who wouldn’t want to become insanely good and famous for some kind of art? Other than the fame that comes with it, there is also money accompanying success. Creativity is not a reserve for a few gifted individuals. It’s available for anyone who puts their mind, time and effort into it.

Most of the most famous creatives you know put a lot of effort to become what they are. Come on, pick one thing you are going to start off with. Why don’t you start off with concentrating and spending more time doing the things you love? .You never know you might end up becoming the next Michael Jordan. Get in the comment section and let me know what thing you have started,