Tired of lying in the sunshine, staying home to watch the rain
You are young and life is long, and there is time to kill today
And then one day you find, ten years has got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.
—David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Roger Waters, and
Richard Wright of Pink Floyd, “Time”

I don’t know why, but Crawling Back To You is playing in my mind. Maybe it is reminiscent of a once a upon time, or perhaps it is about lessons learnt, and books teach us many of those, lessons. At the beginning of this year, I summoned myself to a meeting to chart a path for my life. Armed with a pen, book and a sober mind, I created my life handbook. The section I am most proud about is Personal Development: read two books a month. Well, I was faithful between January and April, after which I have been reading several books at the same time. Currently I am reading The Defining Decade, If My People Pray, The 15 Laws Of Invaluable Growth, and The Bible :-). All these books have a grip on me, I just want to read them non-stop, they are good reads everyone should read. If not because of interest then let it be out of curiosity.


Two weeks ago Atieno Ochola sent me a soft-copy book and stated it is a must read, I promised to embark on it the same day. I didn’t, I started a day later. The Defining Decade- the heading alone conjured so many questions in my mind, that is probably what the author purposed to do. Well, mission accomplished.

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The book is divided in three parts: Work, Love, and The Brain and The Body. Meg has done an exquisite job in this book, words can’t really express it. As I skim through the pages, I am seeing myself and many questions I have been grappling with are getting answered. I see how being 23 has affected me, my thinking, my attitudes, my character, and my willpower. This is the catch though, it surprised me too, I am apparently on the right path. All the confusion about what path to pursue, how to spend my twenties, where to live and with whom; this happens to more people than I thought. It is true that we lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves in there too. The best lesson I have learnt so far is that I got to start, one way or another, making no decision is the worst decision and this will forever terrorize me. I have to be intentional. This book is by far the best thing that has happened to me this month, I have never been so intellectually aroused, I am experiencing mind-gasms.


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In the wake of technology, hardcover books are losing popularity, especially among the millennials. However, any avid reader knows that a library is the hospital for the mind, therefore there is need to keep physical books. There is something about how books smell that gets me excited, especially old books that have been away in some locked up place. They have an ancient choking smell, don’t ask me what that means, all I know is that we love it, we bookies. On my bucket list is creating a home library, I have it designed in my mind. It will be a metal book shelf, with many curves, I love curves, heck! I am curvy. I challenge you today to read something, get yourself to start, take baby steps.


Just like pets, books should be taken care of, they too need some TLC, always. Let us look at how we can make creative homes for our books.

1.Book Shelf

There is really a thin line between a bookshelf and bookcase, however, a bookshelf is a piece of furniture where books are stored and isn’t enclosed. It can be wooden or metallic.

Rustic book case, metal frame and wooden body.

2.Book Case

An enclosed piece of furniture with horizontal shelves in a cabinet form for book storage.

Gray wooden book case with an open front.

3. Book Stand

To all the food lovers, and by this I mean those who take time to actually prepare what they eat, this is for you.

Wrought Iron Book Stand For A Recipe Book.

Do you now see that books are life, you need them in you space. There are more ways to style your bookshelves, with different decor items just for aesthetic purposes. Find that here. I hope you get intentional about reading, and about everything else in your life. You Are Your Own Boss. Act Like It. See what Quite A Novel Idea has to say about The Defining Decade, she gives a detailed review.

Be intentional about who holds you hand,

Be intentional about whom you let to steal that kiss,

Be intentional about whom you let to captivate your soul ~ Me.

Keep reading.

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