Working in an office environment can cause you to become more sedentary and to snack more. The repetition of work and the claustrophobic settings can lead to depression and just lack of interest in work. Here are eight tips to make your office a healthier environment for you and your coworkers.

1. Keep water nearby

Drinking water all day will help you stay hydrated and can keep your stomach full. Sometimes when you are feeling hungry it is just your body’s way of saying it needs to be hydrated. People who drink more water tend to snack less and less snacking is healthier overall. Water keeps your kidneys and liver functioning well and those organs help get rid of toxins. Water is a way to clean your body from the inside out.

2. Bring a plant to the office

Potted plants not only brighten up your office space they purify the air and dampen noise. You can use different plants to promote health and quiet. Larger plants will actually help maintain a quieter office while plants like the spider plant and the aloe plant will help purify the air in your office.

3. Balance work and life

Do not let your work take over your life. Be sure to balance your work with your home life and take some time to yourself. Occasional overtime is okay, but try not to stay late every night and then arrive early the next day. Be sure to take your vacation days and relax. Do not answer emails after a certain time at night. Unplug and get away from the office. This will promote your mental health and well being and will benefit your company in the long run. So take some time to yourself. Hang out with your family or try an active hobby.

4. Move around

Be sure to get up from your desk every thirty to forty minutes even if it is just to stretch. Movement will promote a healthier back and body. Learn some yoga stretches that will target your back and neck areas. Try walking around the office every hour or so. You will have less neck and back pain if you move around more often. Set a timer and get out of your chair.

5. Form a walking group

Get together with other employees at lunch and walk around the block. You could also find a nearby park with a walking trail. Wherever you go move around and hang out with friends from the office who share a common interest. Walking is a relaxing way to exercise. Walking helps relieve stress and keeps you fit.

6. Good furniture

Furniture that sits correctly to your desk and supports your lower back will benefit you. You will have fewer aches and pains in your back and hips, and you will promote better posture. Good posture promotes good health and well being.

7. Good snacks

Everyone gets hungry between meals. What you do about that hunger can make a big difference in your health. Bring in fresh fruit, some yogurt, or other wholesome snacks and leave the candy in the vending machine. Eating healthier costs less and is more beneficial for you.

8. Music

Listen to some music while you work. Music can lift your spirits and help you focus on your tasks. You may also find yourself moving around more to the beat. You will release stress and feel happier listening to music while you work. Just be sure you invest in good headphones in order to keep peace and quiet for your neighbors.