Without a doubt, social networks have become a daily practice for most people in the world, now, our grandmothers, newborn cousins ‚Äč, or even dogs are in them!

One of the social networks that are having a great reception in recent times, is undoubted: Instagram.

An application to share photos and videos where you use different filters that make the publications look much more beautiful.

Well, the ‘ boom ‘ of this social network is so much that there are people obsessed with the number of followers they have or the likes they give to their publications.

We give you some tips to get many likes on Instagram, try them and you will see an increase in the ‘likes’ of your photos or videos!

# 1 Post the Photos at The Indicated Times

Keep in mind that people work, study or sleep, that’s why upload the photos at an optimal time of day, where it is more likely that people are browsing on Instagram and therefore your photos will be more successful.

Therefore, it is best to publish in the afternoons of weekdays, especially around 4 pm, when most people leave work or study and are on their way home distracted by their cell phones.

Don’t even think about uploading a photo at midnight because people are asleep or partying, so your publication won’t be very popular.

# 2 Don’t Upload A Lot of Daily Posts

There is nothing that bores followers more than saturating their Instagram with 20 photos of you of what you do at each moment of the day, please, be selective with what you upload!

Another common mistake is uploading photos in a row of the same event at the same time, with 1 or 3 photos a day with significant time differences, it is enough.

# 3 Your Number of Followers Is Proportional to Your Likes

Another way to increase likes is by getting more followers, and this is very easy! You should only follow people who will most likely follow you. Also, you can buy Instagram likes from here.

A tip to have more followers is, for example, if you are a woman, put a striking profile photo and follow men who follow more people than those who follow him, it is almost a fact that he will follow you too!

# 4 Try to Upload Interesting Photos with Good Resolution

Slow down the publication of selfies or photos in which only your face appears, followers will get bored of always seeing the same position.

So, take advantage of landscapes, food, and creativity to upload original photos that will surely increase your number of “likes”.

On the other hand, if your photo does not look good, better not upload it, try to have one with a good resolution, not the professional image, but something that is visible and in optimal composition.

# 5 Make Good Use of Hashtags

The hashtags are key to increasing the number of likes because if you give good use, your photos will be visible to many more people.

To find out about trends and use them in your hashtags, but keep in mind that for the effectiveness of this tip you must have a public profile because if you have it private, your image will not be seen by those who are not your followers.

# 6 Put A Good Caption Comment to Your Image

What you write as a comment on your photo is the connection between the image, your followers, and you, that is why what you are going to write is very important.

Remember that to convey a message of great impact, you must touch the sensitivity of others, so using motivational phrases or words that others identify with is very successful.

# 7 Tag Your Friends in Photos or Videos

When you upload a photo or video, whether you’re hanging out with other people or the content you post is related to them, don’t forget to tag them!

This will generate more interactivity in what you upload.

# 8 Participate in The Publications of Others

It is important that you give likes to the photos of others, as this will cause them to also “like” your publications.

It is important to have a good communication process on Instagram, so if you make a good comment beyond the “like”, you are sure to receive likes from that person!