• Stay Present

Moments of anxiety may occur when you begin to think about things in the future or things outside of your control. Shift your focus to the present moment and remind yourself that you are safe. 

  • Replace fearful thoughts

If you catch yourself overly fearful over a specific outcome switch the fear to something uplifting. For example, if you are getting anxious about attending a social event with a lot of people. Tell yourself that you will be welcomed, safe, and feel great in the company of others! By continuously changing the thoughts that come up when you are anxious you will be able to re-train your brain and in turn decrease your anxiousness. 

  • Focus on your breathing

Taking a moment to do some slow deep breaths in and out will be very beneficial to getting you centered and relaxed. Inhale and exhale. Stop whatever you are doing and just focus on your breathing for a few minutes. Put on some calming music and unplug from the outside world. 

  • Phone a friend or family member

Speaking with a loved one is a great way to ease any anxiety. Calling up a close friend or family member and sharing your feelings can help you release tension.  By expressing your worries to someone else you can get comforting feedback that will help you re-center and feel safe. Sometimes it just helps to have an outlet to let certain things out.  

  • Write it out

Another great outlet is writing. Journaling your thoughts and feelings will help you release them as well as put things into perspective for yourself. It’s also helpful to write out what you may be grateful for. Reminding yourself of your blessings will ease the worries and encourage feeling abundant. 

  • Engage in a calming activity

Taking a walk and going out for some fresh air can be a great peace place. Attending a yoga class can help you release any tension and get you back into alignment with your inner self. Yoga is great for breath awareness and lowering cortisol (the stress hormone) levels. Going for a nice run can also be a stress reliever that will leave you feeling great! Dopamine is released when you run and can contribute to feeling free, motivated, and peaceful. 

  • Play some soothing music

Listening to soothing music can influence your state and calm your worries. Along with calming peaceful music, sometimes a song with some uplifting words and a good beat can change your train of thought and make you feel great!

  • Reduce your caffeine, sugar, and processed foods intake

Sugar, caffeine, and processed foods can trigger anxiety and panic attacks.  Swaying away from these and instead taking in more greens, fruits, and veggies will influence your energy levels better without triggering you. 

When you start to feel your anxiety creeping in remember to focus on helpful strategies that will redirect your focus and help you re-center.  Pay attention to your train of thought, and if needed challenge your thoughts. Don’t allow yourself to dig a tunnel based on negative thinking. Take some slow, deep breaths. You are safe. You are blessed. You are abundant. 

Originally published at marlenerjennings.com


  • Marlene Jennings

    Author/Wellness Practitioner

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