Grief can be defined as a journey you need to endure after you lose your loved one. You cannot cut short this journey but you also need to take care of yourself while you are at it hence based on my personal experience, I have listed below 10 tips that will help you work through your grief;

1. Accept Your Grief:

Don’t run and hide from your grief. You need to experience the pain and sorrow to be able to move past it and towards healing.

2. Know More About Grief:

You need to know more about grief in order to understand when you should seek help. You may start feeling depressed after a while if you are unable to handle grief the right way hence learn about the signs that you should look out for so that you do not get tangled into it further.

3. Talk to Your Friends and Family:

You cannot get past grief without the support of your friends and family as they are closest to you and will understand your situation. Express your feelings to them openly so that you feel lighter.

4. Join a Support Group:

You are not the only one dealing with grief hence meet others who have coped with their loss and it will give you more strength to heal. Join a support group where you will meet many people dealing with the same situation. Being around such people will give you the strength to get past your grief and move on in life. You can also form a support group online and talk to people about your feelings and get counseling.

5. Take External Help:

It may not be possible to deal with grief all by yourself hence you can also meet a counselor if needed to help you get past this phase. There are also other ways to deal with the depression and anxiety that you may experience during such times. When I was grieving, using private labeling cbd oil helped me a lot as it reduced my anxiety and helped me relax my mind. 

6. Focus on the Positive Things in Your Life:

The loss may be huge and you may not feel positive at all but force yourself to see the good things around you as I am sure there must be something good going in your life as well. Focus on those positive aspects of your life and this will help you move on with your life.

7. Do Things You Enjoy:

Doing things you love to do will keep you engaged and take off your focus from the grief, hence eventually your mind will get distracted and your spirits will rise.

8. Follow Your Faith: 

Following what you believe in helps you work through the grief. If you follow a faith, go deeper as your beliefs will help you get past your grief.

There is no set time period for grieving. A few people get over it faster than others, hence let your soul heal on its own rather than forcing it to stop grieving as the grieving cycle needs to complete for you to achieve acceptance and some peace of mind.