With a New Year on the horizon comes a new chance to refine your goals, walk in purpose, enjoy yourself and be a light.

The wisdom several mentors have shared with me over the years has proven to be solid and worthwhile. May their insights shore up your foundation and give wings to your heart’s desires as they have mine:

1) Routinely pursue joy. You could sulk, complain, worry, be offended or offend, but why waste the energy? Happiness is elusive; inner joy equals contentment, no matter the circumstance.

2) Review your personal “board of directors” and make sure that everyone with a seat at the table is truly for you. You can’t win if anyone in your inner circle is leaning in the opposite direction of where you aim to go.

3) When people show you who they are, or where you stand with them, don’t get mad; embrace the truth. Love them anyway; then pull out that “long-handled spoon” and bless and release them to go find their joy.

4) Love the face in the mirror. Those eyes staring back at you deserve the best you have to give. When you treat yourself well, the overflow of that love will bless and give hope to others.

5) Keep learning and you’ll keep living with passion and purpose at any age and at every stage. You’re never too old to grow, and there’s always more to know.

6) Say no to good things, so you’ll have space in your life to say yes to great things. Doesn’t mean the good isn’t worthwhile; it’s just your season for something else.

7) Perfect your shrug: You’ll need it when things don’t go your way or happen in your timing. A setback doesn’t mean all is lost; see it as an indicator (and reminder) that everything beautiful happens in its own time. Go with the flow and know that the path that is particularly suited to you will unfold if you persist with resolve and grace.

8) Simply make it a great day; because your being alive means it is.

Another version of this post first appeared on Stacy Hawkins Adams’ inspirational blog, LifeUntapped.com.