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8 Ways to Manage Stress During the Coronavirus Pandemic 

Saying that the COVID-19 pandemic is bringing stress to people all over the world is an understatement. This global health crisis brought a stop to life as we knew it. Because of how bleak the future is, there is no stopping people from feeling fear and anxiety. Additionally, social distancing also makes humans feel isolated and lonely as inherently social beings – only subjecting them to be easy victims of stress and other negative feelings.

  1. Limit your exposure to all media – yes, including social media.

Though it is vital to keep yourself informed about the latest updates on the virus, all you will see, hear, and read from news outlets is bad news. What’s more disturbing is that sometimes, these stressful reports are fake news. Even mainstream media succumbs to sensationalizing simple things, which will feed into the anxious feelings you have. So, it is essential only to choose the proper news sources and schedule when you check for updates.

  1. Practice good self-care. 

One of the best ways to release stress during these uncertain times is to express self-love through various physical self-care practices. First, never forget to wash your hands regularly, and wear a face mask should you need to go out. If you have some extra time, pamper yourself by DIY-ing your manicure and play around with acrylic paste-on nails. Also, never forget to show your crowning glory some love! You can get a trim, dye them, or jazz them up with some hair extensions!

  1. Establish a new routine.

Though you might probably have an old routine, we are in the new normal, and what you once knew have changed overnight. To get your mind prepared for everything that is to come and make it have a sense of normalcy, it is crucial to set your new schedule. Not only will it keep you grounded and sane, but it will also keep you positive as you will feel like you have a sense of purpose in your day-to-day activities.

  1. Stay active and exercise.

As COVID-19 is still around, people might equal staying at home to succumbing to a sedentary lifestyle. However, it is no reason to quit on exercise, as it is also one way to keep your body (and immune system) strong and healthy to help you avoid catching the virus. More than that, exercise helps decrease stress because it stimulates the production of norepinephrine, a hormone that improves a person’s mood and cognition.

  1. Express your creativity.

Exercising your brain can also take your stress away. You can do so by unleashing your inner artist and exploring creative outlets. One way to do it is to draw, paint, or color. There are many paint-by-number kits and adult coloring books that you can purchase online without having to tire yourself out too much. You can also scroll through Pinterest and find some DIY projects to try out with your family to add some extra beauty to your home. Or, if you love stringing words together, you can let your thoughts flow through with journaling.

  1. Practice relaxation techniques and meditation

Even without a global crisis, experts suggest practicing meditation as it is one of the simplest ways to get rid of stress by bringing inner peace and calmness to oneself. There are different ways to go with this, like doing yoga, tai chi, guided meditation, qi gong, mantra, and mindfulness. To help you do this, you can check out resources online by watching videos or downloading apps that offer meditation sessions.

  1. Try cooking and baking.

Allow yourself a little peek and check out social media feeds. There’s a really high chance that you’ll see some delicious home-cooked meals and mouthwatering baked goods made by your connections. Why not try it out for yourself? Baking and cooking will bring your mind to focus on the tasks and steer your thoughts away from what will make you feel terrible.

  1. Connect with your loved ones

If there’s one good thing about this era, it’s the technology that gives us an option to reach out to friends and family even if they are on the other side of the globe. Make the most of it by sending a quick message or do video calls with the people that you love and bring you joy. These simple acts are more than enough to keep your heart warm, give a sense of belongingness, and erase thoughts of being alone.

Final Thoughts: Take Life One Day At A Time

Stress is a problem that you have to overcome constantly, and there’s nothing wrong with that. What’s crucial to keep in mind is that the journey to feeling better does not require drastic changes or huge sacrifices on your end. It all boils down to doing little things that show how much you care for yourself at the end of the day.