In my opinion we are already in the playoffs of life. Sometimes we wait for the right time to do something or think that there is some other time which is more important than now. However, the truth is we are all in the playoffs already and we don’t get too many other chances to showcase our talent. So, this is the main game.

Here are the actions needed to win in the playoffs

Perform – I love this word because all of us have need to perform with the talent we have. Some of us are even gifted but only if we do the work required to discover our talent. Performing every week over a long period of time is the key to our success.

Love your work – If you need to perform at your best week in and week out then you need to love your work. Keep on bringing the passion to your work. Keep loving what you do for your living. That is the number one route to happiness.

Action – This is the most important word we all need to pay attention. The actions you take daily determine where you end up in life. If you don’t like something in your life you can change it by changing the actions you are going to take. If you don’t like where you are headed then change your direction. Your action towards your direction will determine your destiny.

Yesterday – We should all learn to forget yesterday; the past is truly gone. Yes, it is good to have some nostalgia but if we have made mistakes in the past there is no point in brooding over it. Is this easy of course not but we can train our mind to start looking to the future with hope. The only way to create a brilliant future is to leave the past completely behind.

Overlook your mistakes – We are all going to make a lot of mistakes in our official and personal lives. The champions learn not to dwell on those mistakes for too long. They quickly bounce back so make sure the bounce back time for you is short. Learning from mistakes is important but brooding over them is not.

Optimism – Our attitude towards our life will determine how much we enjoy it. If nothing is ever good enough we will not be happy. Sometimes even greats like Sachin Tendulkar get out for a duck but they come back to the next innings to make amends. They don’t allow temporary setbacks to deter them from their goals. So, having optimism is a key focus for top champions.

Fun – Never forget to have fun in your life irrespective of outcomes. Sometimes things don’t go our way but we don’t need to keep thinking about that and forget that the journey of life is a short one. The more time we spend not having fun is time wasted. Enjoying the journey of life is what the game is all about.

Fortune favors the brave – Courage is the first of the human qualities for upon it all others depend. All champions took calculated risks and never looked back when they failed. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. To seize the opportunity, you need courage.

Success – Finally decide what success means to you. It is totally different from what society defines as success. When you live according to your plans and marching towards the definition of success you have set for yourself you will be happier.

So, do remember we are already in the playoffs and it is up to us to determine how we want to play.

The views expressed in this article are my own and do not represent my organization. Thanks for reading this post.