The world is changing very quickly in light of the recent pandemic. Adapting is crucial to the success and survival of every person out there. This extends into the technology you use. Last December, we predicted that these 17 apps would change your life this year; below is a list of 10 that we think you should be using, in light of recent events.

1. Zoom

This one goes without saying; it has been in the spotlight throughout the recent months. Nearly everyone has become familiar with video chat apps, and their prevalence should only be amplified in the future. Whether you are chatting for personal matters, business, or work, Zoom is easy to use. There are several different tiers, both paid and free, so it really is up to you in terms of what you want to spend on the app.

2. Kaspersky QR Scanner

Since many menus, payment systems, and other day-to-day activities are switching to touchless for the time being, having a good QR scanner is essential. The Kaspersky QR Scanner is available on both the Android and iPhone, and it’s absolutely free. This scanner simply provides a bit more information about each QR code you scan than just using the native camera app on your phone.

3. COVID Symptom Tracker

This app has been a beneficial resource for many people to track the spread of the virus across the world. It gives daily updates about millions of individuals’ health. It is a useful tool for anyone who might be concerned. The app is available on both Android and iPhone.

4. Calm

Calm is an app designed for both iPhone and Android and focuses on mental health and meditation. The goal is to improve the stress level of anyone using Calm through the primary areas of sleep, meditation, and music, among other things. The app offers various exercises and instructions to follow to help people be more relaxed.

5. Slack

Slack is another essential app for communicating back and forth with many individuals. The app has recently partnered with Amazon and should be implementing several new and improved features, especially in the audio and video departments. As the traditional workplace continues to change, Slack has helped serve as a digital gathering space to discuss new ideas and collaborate on content.

6. Homeis

This app (pronounced like two words: “home” and “is”) helps to connect individuals who were born in one country and now live in another. If you find yourself in this category, you know how much both countries help comprise your identity and influence who you are. Thanks to support from investors such as The Chernin Group (TCG), homeis is growing and continuing to help these people connect and share experiences.

7. UberEats

There are several food delivery apps on the market besides UberEats, but generally speaking, this service is relatively straightforward. This is especially true if you are already familiar with how Uber works. UberEats also offers many deals and keeps you very aware of the progression of your order.

8. Aaptiv

This is an excellent fitness-specific app that gives you access to a wide array of audio to get you working out from your own home. There are more than 20 top-notch trainers in the app to guide you along. Aaptiv is available on both the iPhone and Android too.


Last but not least, on this list, is a great app to have when it comes to planning and scheduling. It is available for most platforms and easily syncs calendars, appointments, to-do lists and can send scheduled reminders, so you never miss anything again.