We have arrived.

As conscious leaders and change-makers, we were made for these times.

Right now, in the midst of chaos, turbulence and uncertainty, we are coming into our own.

I believe that we have been preparing for this moment for a long time.

And even though we may journey through contrasting emotions throughout our days, we, the space holders, empaths and Lightworkers of this world are prepared.

Right now, we are invited to step into our leadership in a bigger way than ever before and become solid anchors, as the world experiences one of its biggest and most turbulent resets ever.

We are able to do so, because grief, fear, physical, emotional and mental pain and uncertainty is not new to us.

On our life-paths, we have prepared for this moment by experiencing our very own breakdowns, breakthroughs and resets. All so that we could hold the space for what is unfolding. Here. Now.

We allowed a ground-zero and rebirth to take place in our own lives so that we could show up present and calm. Here. Now.

We walked naked into the fire over and over, surrendered a thousand times to our own darkness so that we could courageously face the collective darkness during these winds of change. Here. Now.

We healed our own stories of scarcity and ‘not-enoughness’, so that we could show the world what it means to feel abundant and grateful – no matter what.

Here. Now.

We loved ourselves so fiercely and learned how to receive so fully, that our hearts could stay open in the midst of contraction.

Here. Now.

We were made for these times.

These times of transition. These times of major paradigm shift.

Collectively, we are transitioning from the hierarchical, top-down, power-over, co-dependent paradigm of scarcity, into a new age with polar opposite energy.

We are welcoming in an era where we will remember that we are not separate from the Earth, but part of her. It is a time where we will come to remember that we are enough and abundant and powerful just as we are. It’s the age of equality and innovation, interdependence and self-leadership.

And we are the conscious leaders, the bridge-workers, the way-showers that will help guide humanity safely to this new shore. This beautiful new horizon. This precious new dawn.

Now is our time to lead and now is our time to shine in our truth. Because nothing but the truth will do in these times. Now is our time to be the lighthouses and path-finders that people are yearning for, and we were born to be.

And as we say yes to our conscious leadership and rise to the occasion, there are 9 key attributes that will enable us to stay connected to our mission and steady on our feet:

9 attributes of a Conscious Leader

1. Open heartedness in the midst of contraction

This is literally our super-power as conscious leaders in these times. When those around us are contracting in fear, we allow our hearts to stay open to receiving. Receiving guidance, receiving opportunities, possibilities. Being an open channel for love. When we stay in an expansive mode we can lead others from fear to love too, and stay open to new beginnings.

2. A willingness to surrender to the highest good for all

A conscious leader has got a healthy relationship with their ego and does not allow it to run the show. Instead, a conscious leader surrenders to the highest good for all. This means letting go of things that are no longer relevant to the people we are serving, it means changing the direction of our course. It means having no or little attachment to things we have created. It means remembering at all times why we are leading and serving. When our ego gets activated, we allow ourselves time to breathe. And then? Well, we get over ourselves.

3. Strong inner core anchored in our purpose

If we don’t know what our true purpose is, what we stand for or what our message is, it is going to be difficult to be a conscious leader in these times. Now is the time when the truth of who we be needs to be amplified, now is the time when our message needs to be clearer than ever. More confident than ever. People are looking for confident leadership with clearly defined values, and that only comes from a clear sense of purpose, anchored in our core. Our core is the solar plexus area in our body, our power centre, our ‘sun’ centre. As the sun is a star, this is the star centre in our body!

Just as people have navigated by using the stars over millennia, we will guide people home by shining bright from our purpose.

4. Innovation and solution-focused

Being innovation and solution-focused assumes an abundant mindset. We simply cannot innovate and look for solutions when we are in a state of victimhood.

The co-dependent rescuer-victim-persecutor dynamic, typical of the times we are leaving behind us, has no place in conscious leadership. When we believe we are not the masters of our own destinies we become stuck in our lives, and we allow ourselves to become victims.

The power dynamics of the hierarchical structures of what we are transitioning away from has as its central idea: ‘power over’. When we allow ourselves to be victims of our circumstances we allow ‘power over’ to prevail. We allow stories of ‘I am not enough’ or ‘I don’t have enough’ to still have a hold over us.

If we are to be the change-makers and bridge-workers of our time, it is our responsibility to become innovation and solution-focused. This is truly the energy of the new times we are birthing.

When we allow ourselves to be solution-focused we open up to infinite possibilities, we expand, we become empowered. We allow ourselves to be equal to other people, we allow our creativity to flow. In fact, we allow ourselves to always be in a state of flow, as when we embrace a solution-focused mindset, we are never stagnant. Only when we are in a state of flow can we help others embrace their state of flow too.

5. Shapeshifting

Related to having an abundant, solution-focused mindset is embracing the role of the shapeshifter. A shapeshifter is not a chameleon. Whereas the chameleon blends in with its surroundings, a shapeshifter adapts with the times but stays anchored in their core message. Being a shapeshifter means we let go of “the how” of our business, whilst staying focused on the vision. For example, we allow our businesses or offers to take a different shape than how we originally thought they might. We will convert live events into online gatherings, we will drop offerings that are no longer relevant.

Combined with having an innovation-focused mindset, this makes us strong and resilient conscious leaders.

6. Willingness to shine our brightest Light.

As we leave the era of scarcity behind us, we will also leave behind our fear of rejection, abandonment, and judgement. Our fear of being all alone in the world, our fear of death. The paradigm of ‘power over’ has allowed shame to have free reign and it has meant that for most of our lives, our truest, most vibrant selves have lain hidden or dormant due to a fear of either not being enough or being too much. Both voices of shame are simply different sides of the same coin of fear.

The truth is that we no longer have time for any of this. If we are to say yes to our bigger purpose, we owe it to ourselves and the world to set ourselves free. To allow ourselves to see our own magnificent light, and then give ourselves permission to shine it – brightly.

The time has come to get over ourselves, to let go of the shackles of our pasts and step into the present moment. It is in the present moment that we not only shine our brightest, we also serve at our highest level. 

A conscious leader allows herself to shine her brightest light.

7. Co-creative, collaborative, community orientated

As we journey deeper into these times of transition there will be an even greater need and want to come together. Come together with like-hearted souls, with other conscious leaders. Come together to allow ourselves to be held, seen and be vulnerable.

Come together to nourish our strength, soak up the energy of community and connection. So that we can keep going. So that we can keep walking, head held high.

As conscious leaders, we will collaborate and co-create with others in dynamic and innovative ways. We are able to do so because we are fully anchored in our own purpose, message and values. What we stand for and take a stand for.

This is when the sum of a collaboration becomes greater than its parts. When impact is amplified.

The opposite is true when we are not quite sure of “who we be” or what we are here to share. A conscious leader has no problem saying no to a collaboration if it doesn’t feel like a good fit. She is also very clear on why a collaboration is beneficial and how it will serve the highest good for all, as well as those collaborating individually.

Minds and hearts come together to serve the collective.

8. Focused

The circumstances of our service have changed almost overnight. In the midst of tremendous noise and energetic contraction, we are invited to become more focused than ever on the task at hand. Now is the time to say no to all distractions, noting that some of those distractions we have previously allowed because they were keeping us safe – in hiding. Every moment we allow distractions to have power over us, we are living out the energy of the old, limiting paradigm. Every moment we stay focused on our service and the higher purpose of our work, we are being the change. We allow ourselves to seek the support we need in small or big ways so that we can move forward in a state of flow. Focus equals flow equals impact.

9. Earth Anchored

The fear-based way of life that we are leaving behind us, came about because we allowed ourselves to become separate from the Earth. We, as humanity, allowed ourselves to believe that we had power over the Earth. This is the root cause of all suffering.

The moment we say yes to being a conscious leader, we begin our own journey home to the Earth in a bigger way. It is only when we return to the Earth that we truly know that we are abundant just as we are, when we truly know that we are love. When we allow ourselves to be fully anchored with Mother Earth, we receive love on tap!

When we know that we are loved and are love, we can be love in other people’s lives. We are able to treat all life with respect and reverence. We understand that we are equal to everyone and every living thing. We come into the present moment. And in the present moment, we can embody our presence. Our presence of love.

As such we come to embody and become the energy of what we are calling in.

We become guardians of the Earth.

Guardians of the future of humanity.