be happy all time

The word stress itself makes us feel stressed, isn’t it? But did you know that stress is actually a good thing? Yes. Some amount of stress helps us function effectively and ensures that we fulfill our responsibilities. But it is when this same stress increases more and more and starts affecting our mental health, relationships and even physical health that stress causes more harm than good.

We know how everyone is getting more and more busier day by day with little to no time to spare for themselves. But we cannot function at our best if we induce ourselves to the increasing stressful situations without taking care of our mental health. Today, even corporate offices and businesses are ensuring that the mental health of their workers or employees is taken care of, in order to get their maximum output.

That’s why here we have provided you with 9 effective ways to protect your mental health from the bustling schedule. These tips would give you great benefits without adding much time to your already overloaded schedule.

So without taking up any more of your precious time, let’s begin!

1. Eat Healthy

With so much stress already affecting your body, you don’t want unhealthy food to shut down your body as well. Eating healthy food will provide enough nutrition to your overloaded body to function properly. Instead of grabbing a burger or a doughnut because you don’t have time to prepare a proper meal, go for healthy salads, invest in a cook who’ll prepare healthy food for you when you’re busy.

2. Don’t Let Stress Show Up On Your Body

Eating food which is good for your health also ensures that the stress you go through doesn’t show up on your body. Although there are creams available in the market that help you get rid of these side-effects of stress on your skin such as tretinoin for wrinkles which helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your skin caused due to stress or aging; eating healthy food is a better precaution.

3. Manage Your Own Expectations

We often keep over the top expectations for ourselves and feel depressed when we can’t fulfil them. This is like serving stress to yourself. That’s where embracing the experience as it comes becomes important. We aren’t suggesting you to not keep expectations from yourself at all. We are telling you to learn how to manage your feelings about your own goals and performance. When you start to realize that there is nothing to fear in your own abilities, that stress will melt away.

4. Hang Out with Friends

Just take a stroll in the park with your friends whenever you get time. Go for morning walks, or take your dog (because dog is a man’s best friend) out for a walk. These simple things have a huge impact on your mental health. The nature somehow lifts up your mood and your friends make you laugh and smile.

5. Spend Time with Your Family

Just a quality time with them helps you feel rejuvenated and happy. You can sit with your family members and play a game, go for a picnic, etc. So whenever you feel stressed, spend time with the people you love and you’ll automatically feel better. This will also help you improve your relationships and maintain a healthy family life.

6. Practice Self-Care

Taking care of yourself is always important no matter how busy your schedule gets. You can either go for a spa, do some hobby that you love, go for a movie, or just go for a karaoke night with your friends! You can even do a sports activity that you like or dance or just blast some music on those speakers and sing along!

7. Keep Yourself Happy!

The more you do things that make you feel happy, the more your brain gets trained to take a timeout whenever you face stress. Keeping yourself happy is basically telling your body to handle everything peacefully. And when your mind functions peacefully, you are no longer prone to high stress and the ill-effects that come along with it.

8. Don’t multitask

Whenever you multitask, you add to the responsibilities at a single point of time. So you add to the stress you’re taking up at a time. Try to focus on one thing at a time and you’ll manage stress in a better way.

9. Don’t Overthink!

Often we only overthink our way into a stressful situation. Even if the situation is not stressful, we tend to think too much about it and make it stressful for ourselves. So don’t overthink about anything, otherwise you’ll end up creating more stress than there actually is.


Mental health is becoming an increasing concern in the world today. If you just take out a little bit of time from your busy schedule to follow these 9 tips, you can take care of your mental health easily and handle the everyday stress with ease. After all this hard work that you do, you deserve some ‘me time’. You must take care of yourself. If your mind is not healthy, how can it make effective and right decisions in life?