A person must be strong enough to deal with the work and life balance to fully experience it. What we put in our body on daily basis affects our health from head to toe in various counts.

Our body to sustain the whole day depends on the quality of eatables we consume and which way we have taken them. The item observes by our body is transmitted to our brain to work efficiently.

As per a study by Eva Selhub MD:

“Fuel that we eat directly affects the structure and function of our brain including mood”.

Your quality of meal decides the level of your immunity, functioning of the mind, body growth, and overall efficiency by making you fit to fight any bacteria or suffer from illness.

So, why not decide on the standard items to put in your kitchen and add up to your regular diet to experience overall benefits to your bodily functions from today to achieve happiness with a successful life.

As quoted by Harry J. Johnson:

“The human body has been designed to resist an infinite number of changes and attacks brought about by its environment. The secret of good health lies in successful adjustment to changing stresses on the body.”

This tiny food must be taken into notice for quick results in your body and health-related issues. In addition to these 10 best strength providers if taken in your meal will completely boost the lack of nutrition and vitamins to provide a fresh start.

All the stuff mentioned below is rich in nutrients that help you recover from memory loss, low stamina, weak digestion, allergies, hair loss, and if you are fit then also will support you in remaining healthy ever after.

I evolved my well-being by computing these fresh items into my life and prevented past weaknesses.

Let’s start with our rich in the source list to make yourself improve :

1.Fresh green vegetables — broccoli.

Brocolli is a superfood with a rich source of vitamin C which contributes to strong immune and skin-related problems. It will prevent cardiovascular diseases and the risk of diabetes because of the presence of Vitamin K and potassium at a large rate.

Eat dark green firm part by avoiding yellow limp and wilt area without boiling it, whole raw.

How to have it:

  • As a salad with lunch or dinner.
  • In the morning with pasta and sandwiches.
  • Brocolli soup.
  • crushed and can be taken with rice.

2.Dry fruits: Nuts.

Almonds, cashew, peanuts, and other similar ones like walnuts will act as a power plant of vitamins and minerals. Rich in calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Perfect to take between meal breaks as better than any other unhealthy snacks. will keep your hunger satisfied for long period and promote healthy weight loss. other antibiotics keep your heart happy too with better blood flow towards the mind.

Vegan nuts have more plant protein sources. It promotes the absorption of nutrients by maintaining perfect weight, as mentioned by Adda Bjarnadottir, MS, RDN. This quality promotes a happy and satisfying lifestyle.

Due to its rich benefits and small size can be carried in a pocket.

3. Variety of grains.

It includes oatmeal, wheat, cornmeal, and rice (brown). Consumed on a regular chart for collecting whole nutrition to digestive system and heart specifically.

Rich in fibre to maintain weight, iron, and magnesium for maintaining powerful energy to fight diseases. Affordable in cost and easy to get in the market. Provides strength to be productive for more time.

It also has Vitamin B and phytochemicals to make your stomach enzymes release energy from carbohydrates, fat, and protein.

How to have it:

  • Oat bowl in breakfast.
  • Rice with curd in lunch.
  • Popcorn.
  • boiled millets in the morning or lunch.

4. Avocados.

The fruit of the Avocado tree supplies healthy fats, nutrients, and more. Because of the king in potassium than bananas, it can maintain blood sugar levels in control.

Converted into olive oil for healthy fatty acids consumption. “Fiber maintains perfect BMI and people who consume them finds at lower risk of metabolic syndrome. This will lend productive working hours,” as mentioned by Kathleen M. Zelman, RD.

How to have it:

  • With toast.
  • As for salads with lunch.
  • In soups.
  • Can be consumed as smoothies.
  • Can be taken in drinks.

5.Bite of dark chocolate.

According to Kelly Kennedy, RD– a small intake of dark chocolate every day will improve heart health with proper brain functioning by preventing stress. And make happy hormones to make you lively.

Boosts mood and other cognition, good for sugar level, help in gut power and menstrual cycle as regulating blood circulation. It also offers manganese and calcium to the skin.

70% dark choco contains fibre, copper, and calcium to activate the energy needed for a day.

How to have it:

  • With morning coffee.
  • In brownie and pancake.
  • Smoothies.
  • Added with Milk.

6. Raw Sprouts and beans.

Germinated raw seeds such as green pea, mung bean, lentil, kidney bean, and soybean are various forms of sprouts.

“Have low-level fats which stimulated quick body absorption and promote the conversion of energy. Vitamin A and C in a large ratio with protein, fibre that easily digests. Promotes the new growth of nails, hair, and cells,” said Alina Petre, MS, RD(NL).

Work from home people must consider this breakfast for more positive outcomes.

How to have it:

  • A bowl of raw sprouts.
  • Boiled in water.
  • With plates of pasta and salads.
  • Stuffed.

7. Avoid sugar with.

Honey: it will boost immunity, contains anti-oxidants- protects cell damage, heals wounds fast.

The best alternative to sugar – Jaggery.

It is a non-centrifugal sugar known as Gur in India, piloncillo in Mexico. It contains more properties than sugar made from sugarcane that improves anaemia, liver, digestion, lack of vitamin C in the body.

Try to prevent sugar because of its negative side effects on overall functioning.

How to have it:

  • Mixed with coffee and milk.
  • Can be taken with ice cream.
  • Replaced with white sugar products.

8. Green kale.

Leafy fresh vegetable-rich in vitamin A and is preferred when wants to lose weight because have low calories.

“A power plant of vitamin C than orange protects eye problems like myopia, hypermetropia and promotes cell production”, says Katherine Marengo, RD.

Antibiotics present in this vegan fight depression, cancer, viral, and inflammation. Considers as the world’s best way to take vitamin K, beta-carotene. Eat it raw to get better results.

How to have it:

  • Bowl of salad.
  • With a loaf of bread and soup.
  • kale smoothie.

9. Fish: Cod liver oil.

Made of liver of cod- vitamin A and D which have fishes like tuna, trout, mackerel, salmon, and cod.

Profitable brain signal working, in wounds, prevents inflammation, cognitive protection in old age. Can be taken into the skin, teeth, nails, and hair-related problems. If you feel week can take its capsules to get omega3 with instant energy. Fights anxiety, skin allergies, and many others.


The right kind of stuff must be taken into your diet to experience a happy future with just changing minor habits on the table. 

If working by sitting whole day long you must take light digestible food which can easily be converted into instant energy. 

As quoted by Joseph Pilates.

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”

Consistency in having these items will make a positive change in your life with the required workout.

For the cause of personal health and wellness.