I’ve learnt that it’s often the simplest truths I struggle the most with accepting. The ones no one else can convince me of, the ones that have to rise from within. These are also the most powerful truths as they are the beliefs I walk into each day with, and in turn, become the foundation I build my life on. 

I’ve written these daily reminders to help myself move into deep trust at the start of each day. They are crafted to give me permission to think, feel, and act as my most authentic self. Here’s what I want the voices in my head to remind me of on repeat every day:

1. I am worthy.

I’m worthy of being seen, no matter what I look like. I am worthy of being listened to, no matter what my voice sounds like. I am worthy of love, even on days when I don’t feel deserving of it. I am worthy enough to move in this world and be accepted as I am.

2. I make a difference.

I may not always know how and to whom, but I make a difference in this world. My choices, my actions, and my words matter. I impact lives close to me and even lives I know nothing of. I don’t need confirmation to keep being the best I can be.

3. I deserve to rest.

I am a human being whose body and mind tires. I get to say when I’m out of energy and I get to take a break. I get to breathe deeply, lay down and do nothing, and recharge my batteries whenever I need to. I get to rest.

4. I am allowed to stumble, fall, and fail.

Everybody does and I will too. My falls are not indicative of how strong or capable I am. They are a natural part of the journey. I will rise again and keep moving.

5. My worth is not measured by what I accomplish.

I am not defined by what I do. My worth is not determined by how productive I am. The value I add to a workplace or a relationship is not a measure of the value I have as a person, no matter who tries to convince me otherwise.

6. I know what’s best for me.

My inner voice is my greatest guide. I will listen for it no matter how noisy the world gets. I will listen to it no matter how powerful other voices may be.

7. My imperfections do not take away from who I am.

Perfection is only a notion and one that varies from person to person. I do not need to strive to become anyone’s notion of perfect. All I need to do is be true to myself and show up as I am, where I am.

8. It’s alright if I don’t have all the answers.

I am not meant to have all the answers. That does not make me any less than someone who has found their answers. That does not have to stop me from taking chances and doing things that I’m unsure about. I am allowed to get out of my head and act. I am learning.

9. Only I define my happiness.

No one gets to tell me what happiness is supposed to look like. It might change from day to day, hour to hour. I get to decide what will make me happy and where I want to indulge. My happiness is only mine to define.