For me, success means living the life you desire. It’s all about allowing yourself to create what makes you feel fulfilled. I’m not talking here about the ego desires for having a new kind of car, dresses, or new watches to fill a hole inside.

The desires I talk about are the ones that come from deep within us. These desires serve us and ALSO others. And I believe that we’re here to do whatever we can to bring these desires into reality. Whoever you’re, I know that you have something beautiful deep within to share with the world!  And for that, we need to develop a strong mindset. 

Setting your mindset for success is one of the most valuable things you can learn. We all get swept away with fears and negative thoughts. The place where the magic happens is when you minimize those moments, and you know how to move on.

This one thing alone can lead you to live an entirely different life. The life that you secretly dream about when you get moved by an unexpected wave of hope and excitement. I don’t believe in luck. I know that what makes some people successful is

I don’t believe in luck. I know that what makes some people more successful is a commitment, hard work, and knowing themselves. They know how to set their days to success not because they’re more special but because they’re willing to do what it takes. They show up for themselves and their dreams every single day again.

You have to get to the point of “having enough living the way you do” to change it. It’s when you become conscious about the way you keep yourself from living your life purposely that you say, “It’s been enough. Now, I’m ready to do things differently.”

I still do have negative thoughts. They’re much less frequent and not as intense as they used to, but it’s something that we’ll all have. Today it takes me just a few minutes to let them go by coaching myself. Before the negative thoughts could have swept me away for months and probably also for years.

But beside me working on myself consciously, I also have few tips that help my mind stay focused on the right direction. And I know that every successful and purpose-driven person has methods to get back on track.

I’ve decided to share with you top tips on developing the mindset that can mean a difference between living in misery or the life you desire.

The 9 habits successful people do daily to master their mind

  1. Being proactive. People living on purpose don’t lie to themselves. They very well know that if they don’t take care of their mindset, the mindset will create sabotaging thoughts. Therefore they have some methods how to deal with the moments when the negative inner judge wants to take over. They’re proactive and create the best possible environment for their mind to assist them to achieve their dreams.
  2. Live on purpose. If you’re not clear about what you want to do with your life, then your mind wanders like craaaazyyy. The unfocused mind can create a lot of setbacks. It continually seeks for drama and problems. When you live on purpose, you realize how many amazing things you can create in your life. Thus your mind doesn’t have the time to create drama anymore. The mind is like a puppy if it has nothing to do it goes and destroys the house (your life). But if you train the puppy and gives it daily tasks it will become a faithful dog. You need to tell your mind which direction it needs to go otherwise it will wander aimlessly and take to the places you don’t like.
  3. What you think isn’t real. The people living on purpose develop the habit of questioning their thoughts. Instead of becoming victims of the negative mind, they assume that these beliefs are not true. Now, please, pay attention. A person with untrained mind believes in everything that their mind thinks. This is one of the primary causes of any drama in life. People driven by a purpose know that thought is just a thought and it doesn’t have power over them until they give it to.
  4. Doing sports regularly. I’m not sure whether doing sports is more beneficial for the mind or the body. But I know that moving every day helps to strengthen the mind. By doing sports regularly you develop the mindset of endurance, facing (almost willingly) the obstacles, and productivity. To me, one of the greatest benefits of doing sports every day is creating the mindset, “Whatever, let’s just do it. Now.”
  5. Morning routine. I know that everyone talks about the morning routines, but the reason is simple. They work. Morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day, and it grounds you. I’ve been doing morning routines since 2012, and I can see such a profound difference. The days when I don’t do a morning routine is a half-productive day, and I’m more likely to have a wandering mind. Find something that works for you and adjust it to your schedule. Sometimes five consciously spend minutes on yourself can create a much fulfilling day.
  6. Meditation and prayers. Successful people living with intention do have some meditation and (or) prayer. This is the magical, peaceful time when you listen to nothing else but your deepest self. How much time do you allow yourself to connect with your inner guidance? I guess that it’s a way less than the time you spend listening to everyone else and browsing the internet. You cannot know who you’re without spending a quiet time with yourself. You can also pray. A prayer is a way of acknowledging and connecting with the higher power. It’s saying, “I know that the life is much deeper and beautiful than I can see it now and I’m grateful for that fact and surrender to it.”
  7. Doing maximum but releasing the results. Purposely driven people always do the best they can. Although their best differs from a moment to moment, they know they did what they could. Therefore they don’t live in regrets and wishful thinking. Releasing the results is just as important as doing your best. We don’t have control over people and situations in life. The only thing we have control over is us and doing things with the best intentions. And this by itself leads to the best possible results.
  8. Re-evaluate their priorities. We have different priorities in different stages of life. People living on purpose know that being connected with your current priorities is very powerful. Because you always make time for what matters the most. Even if you’d be the busiest person in the world. On the contrary, we procrastinate when we don’t want to do what we’re working at. Thus the procrastination is a myth. When you’re clear on your priorities, you know what matters the most and you do what it takes to make it happen.
  9. Know their short-term and long-term goals. When you know your life purpose, you begin to work with your time more consciously. You know where you’re heading and why. Therefore, you find the time to think about your goals for the day, week, month and even what you want to achieve in your whole life. You don’t wake up to let your day slip between your fingers anymore. You wake up to make a difference for yourself and others.

There is no coincidence or luck. Success and fulfilled life happen on a purpose, not accident.

If your life doesn’t look the way you want and you know that you can do more then think of habits that you could implement in your everyday lives. Creating the life of your dreams isn’t easy. It requires a strong commitment. But you can surely do the first steps to create the mindset that will make your life much simpler and more drama-free.

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