What to try if your medication needs a boost.

Many of you know that I am a practitioner with MavenClinic, an app designed to provide healthcare services to women. Part of the MavenClinic app is the ability to post questions on the forum for other members and practitioners to respond to. Recently I received I saw a question from a maven client which asked the following:

Homeopathic treatment for anxiety and depression?

I’m wondering if anyone knows of any natural ways to help relieve anxiety and depression. I’m on Prozac but so far haven’t noticed any changes and I’m wondering if maybe there’s something better I can try.

I recommend doing some research on the following supplements and tips. Make sure to discuss with your provider before you add any supplements to your medication.

My 9 Homeopathic Recommendations:

1. L-Methylfolate (read more about my #1 recommendation below)

2. Vitamin D3 1000 IU per day

3. Omega 3 Fish Oil (I recommend krill oil)

4. Melatonin 3mg — 6mg at bedtime for trouble falling asleep

5. Magnesium at night with a meal (I specifically recommend magnesium gluconate 500mg tablets

6. Plenty of water for hydration

7. Hot baths with essential oils or candles

8. Sunlight Light Therapy Lamp for mornings.

Sometimes called full spectrum lamps or bright light therapy lamps, they mimic the sun and signals to your brain that it is daytime outside.

9. Using blue blocking glasses or blue blocking filters for all your electronics at nighttime. These include iPhone night shift mode, multiple android apps, the app flux for your computer, and the chrome extension G.lux.

My #1 Recommendation — L-Methylfolate

Folate Depleting Conditions and Medications

L-Methylfolate 15mg daily.

This can be safely added to treatment with antidepressants. L-Methylfolate is important for producing the neurochemicals serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine which are vital for treating depression/anxiety and is also essential for converting the inflammatory compound, homocysteine.

Where to get L-Methylfolate:

  1. Through a prescription vitamin: I highly recommend the brands EnLyte or EnBrace but another option is Deplin
  2. Over the counter: You can also buy it OTC. I recommend the brand MethylPro and their standard L-Methylfolate 15mg or their products with Quatrefolic and/or Cofactors.

Have you use one of these recommendations and seen success? Let us know below.

Originally published at mentalcalm.wordpress.com on February 5, 2017.

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