Using a Facebook page is essential to achieving great success. But alas, grabbing users’ attention turns out to be more difficult than ever.

So, a question arises: “How To Create Interactive Facebook Posts?” The best way to keep users engaged on your Facebook page is to post content that they are sure to love! Here are some really interesting interactive Facebook post ideas to take inspiration from!

1. Telling stories

People remember the stories! The reason Stories work surely because it’s personal and your users have probably had similar experiences. This allows companies to relate to their users on a personal level.

Make sure you share personal and business stories on Facebook!

2. Publish original images

Posting original images will make your Facebook page truly unique! It is possible to do this using platforms such as Canva or Wordswag. Alternatively, you could hire a designer to create these images for you.

3. Post off peak times

Sometimes you should avoid posting content at busy times of day. Because many companies struggle to appear in news feeds. It turns out to be too competitive. If you want to know the times when you can reach most of your users, then you just have to experiment by publishing posts at different times of the day!

4. Post trending topics

If you aren’t aware of it yet, the news feed algorithm rewards posts about trending topics on Facebook. So why not post topics your users are talking about? For example, if your users are passionate about football, it would be a good idea to post posts that are related to this topic and maybe ask what their favorite team is. It is simply a nice way to interact with your users!

5. Post photos of your business behind the scenes

Behind-the-scenes photos will help your business stand out from the competition. Today transparency is what users want! More and more companies are open to this idea and are already seeing great results in terms of engagement deriving from publishing this type of post.

6. Post Selfie

Selfies are one of the most popular posts on Facebook. When done right, a well-posted selfie can really bring amazing results to your Facebook page. Selfies not only provide a touch of humanity to your business, but also give the brand its own personality.

7. Share your thoughts

What’s on your mind today? Share your thoughts, just to see what users are responding to! This type of post makes things more interesting. But don’t be surprised if it turns out to be the most responsive post ever!

8. Post viral photos

Don’t have the slightest idea what to publish? So why not post a viral photo from the web? These photos could really do a lot for your Facebook page!

9. Ask your users for their opinion

Does your company need a new logo? Are you looking for new features for your product? Why not ask your users for advice? This is a really great way to increase consumer engagement in no time! I’m sure your users will have a lot of questions to ask themselves!

These ideas aren’t the only ways to create interactive Facebook posts that will spark interest in users. However, you can seek helps from Online Marketing Companies for augment your digital branding efforts. They can be of great help in reaching more people, generating Likes, Shares and Comments.

All you have to do is try them out on your Facebook page! This is the only way you can see if they really work for your business. Even if they don’t work the first time, don’t beat yourself up and try again!