Everyone loves dressed up agents saving the world. No one’s better at it than James Bond. The 007 agent series has been around for over 50 years now and we still look forward to what comes next. Who may be the next Bond? Thrill, action, handsome men, and the gorgeous Bond girls is just the tip of the iceberg. Give it a closer in-depth look and you should be able to find more than what’s obvious. The action is pleasing to the eyes, handsome men give us the look we all want and the Bond girls are both beautiful and intelligent.

What more canthe Bond series offer? A closer look at the 25 moviestell a lot about life. It gives valuable lessons that are practical in real life. Here are 6 of those lessons that may help you be the Bond in real life:

1.    Be the bigger person

How many times have we seen 007 betrayed by beautiful women? This is a classic trap and every bond has fallen right in it. The best agent in the world manages to turn the table and be in apposition to take revenge but lets the perpetrator off the hook. That’s giving a second chance, that’s having one less enemy, and above all this is compassion!

2.    Don’t be shy and ask for help

No one is perfect and none of us knows everything about everything. 7 is not the gold standard but is the best in the world. Even he asks for help when he thinks a job demands expert opinion or help. Q, for example, is the resources person for technology and there are many others sitting behind the desk helping him save the world. Bond never hesitates and asks for help when he needs it. This principle applies in real life as well. You may not be out to save the world but it is okay to ask for help when you need it!

3.    Fit is healthy

How many times have we seen Bond sick? Never is the answer. Alright, it’s a movie but even in real life, you would hardly find them sick. They rarely catch viral or flue. Why? The Bond character on the screen and in real life work hard and eat right. They hit the gym and go for a jog, no matter what! This keeps them in shape, strong and healthy. They are ready to fight the battles in the world and inside their body!

4.    Calm gets the job done

Bond is always in a sticky situation. Tat with the burden to save the world is a tremendous responsibility and pressure. Never have we seen 007 panic or rush things. He may be locked in a chair on an enemy island or strapped to a table with a laser getting close. The best agent remains calm and does the job right. You may not be trapped on an enemy island or face a laser but sentiments can certainly stand in your way of taking the right decision.

5.    Dress to impress

That’s the code every Bond lives by. It is that one thing that you would admire about every 007 agent. The best in the world is not only best at his job but also one of the best when it comes to looking sharp. The moment he walks in the room heads tilt and he gets all the attention. This does not mean you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. Wear the right combinations and look smart, you will make the heads turn and get the attention you have been looking for.

6.    Confidence is the key

Bond is never unsure. He exactly knows what his decision is going to be. He never falters when the time is not a luxury. He makes the call and lives by it. Ready to face the music if anything goes wrong. Always ready to make amends and never shy to do what’s necessary!

7.    Take some time off

Everyone needs a break. Bond gives us the same lesson. He is known how important it is to treat ones self-right. Get the job done and find retreat somewhere in the world where you can relax and spend your well-earned vacation.

8.    Hands-on with Technology

He has a watch with a taser, a mobile that’s also a remote control for his car, and a lot more. Bond never gets technology in his way to save the world. He is so hands-on with the new stuff that he keeps in touch with Q and is always on the lookout for gadgets that get the job done. Technology is a tool that makes the job easier and a little less stress.

9. Always have a Plan B

Bond is the man out to save the world. He is up against enemies with evil intentions who are least bothered about the damage they cause. They are unpredictable, dangerous, and evil. Going up against such an enemy without a backup plan would not be wise. For that having a backup plan in real life is as important. This does not mean that you doubt plan A, instead, it tells about your commitment and creativity. This defines how driven you are to achieve the goal.


  • Nathan John is the content editor at Mediacom Cable TV and works for various companies. He also works for Spectrum bundle deals for seven years. He is three times MMA champion and also Mix Martial Arts instructor. He travels to various countries to train people for MMA.