“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” Brian Tracy

Are you missing out on your potential possibilities because you have become comfortable with where you are? Are you stuck in a familiar routine?

Do life differently

You know you need to do life differently, but you allow familiarity to keep you living below your potential. You know you need to make a move. You are unsatisfied with where you are and it seems as if life is rapidly passing you by.

When it comes to making changes in life, some of us have a difficult time. We are creatures of habit so any change to our daily routine can throw us off.

We will work on jobs that we hate, constantly buy things that create debt, eat foods that add unwanted weight or exhaust ourselves working too many hours to live the American dream. We would rather live in the misery of a familiar routine than make the necessary changes to live healthy new habits.

Maybe you will need to update your resume and start a job search. Maybe you will have to change your spending habits to get out of debt. Maybe you will have to change your diet and start an exercise routine to lose the weight you desire. Maybe you will have to stop working so many hours pursuing positions and possessions and spend quality time with your spouse and children.

Pessimistic inner voice

We all battle a pessimistic inner voice who tries to convince us that a change from our familiar routine will never work. It attempts to overwhelm us with constant fear to stay content with where we are. It influences us to make the same excuses day after day; we do not have enough time, money, experience, resources or support to change our routine.

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If you desire change and are willing to put forth the effort then implementing these nine motivators will help you breakthrough your familiar routine. It will not happen overnight, but consistent action will bring about positive results.

The Nine Motivators

1. Make a list of opportunities for success. Write all the opportunities for success that you can think of that will happen in your life and family if you make the necessary changes to your familiar routine.

2. Eliminate your excuses. We all make excuses for why our opportunities for success will not happen. These excuses can become the barriers that keep you from achieving what is possible. Write down your excuses. This helps you define and make your excuses real.

3. Change your conversation. You can change the tone of your conversation from making excuses too speaking life. Find at least one excuse on your list that you can change to a positive affirmation.

For example, you may be in financial debt, but instead of complaining and speaking doubt change your conversation to, “I am living debt free, I follow a spending plan, or I make wise spending decisions.”

Don’t quit if it gets tough. Don’t give up if things don’t happen overnight. Just know with the right conversations victory is possible.

4. Document on a calendar. Now, that you have a positive affirmation, assign a target completion date. An example is, “I am living debt free by November 30, 2017.”

When you document your goal with a target completion date it brings a greater energy and excitement to achieve it. It’s not enough to say I have “positive affirmations”, but you need to have a way to measure your progress.

5. Find a trustworthy accountability partner. Accountability is a key factor in breaking through familiar routines to form new habits. Tell your spouse or a friend what you are planning to do and ask them to check in with you and hold you accountable.

6. Take immediate action. When you set the goal to change, you must take immediate action. In the debt free example, develop a spending plan and start following it immediately.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Don’t let the fear of the unfamiliar detour you. Don’t let others talk you out of making life changes. Get up and get moving.

7. Monitor your progress. Use a goal sheet to monitor your progress. Do not feel bad if you have to make changes or adjustments. If you do, recalibrate and get back to work. You have come too far and expended too much energy to quit.

8. Continue the journey. No matter how difficult or challenging life becomes, you have to fight through the tendency to go back to the familiar. Your journey is significant because some individuals who are watching you are relying on your success.

9. Celebrate Success. When you finally breakthrough a familiar routine, tell someone. Celebrate it! Go out on the town with your spouse. Call your best friend, post it on Facebook, tweet it or write a blog on how you did it. You may be surprised how many people will celebrate your success.

If you take immediate action by implementing these nine motivators, you will empower yourself to breakthrough your familiar routines and develop healthy new habits.

Question: What familiar routine do you need to breakthrough? Leave a comment below.

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