Podcasts are great ways to learn and relax at the same time. Here are my favorite podcasts. You can subscribe to them in iTunes.

How I Built this by Guy Raz – This is one of the best podcasts on entrepreneurship. It is so well done and I loved the interview with Michael Dell. It is inspirational and short enough not to lose interest.

Ted Radio Hour by Guy Raz – I love this one really the best information from more than 5 Ted talks condensed into 50 min episodes. It is very informational and actionable.

The Tim Ferris Show – This is the holy grail of all podcasts. Of course, they are longer in length and some of the ones I do skip. Overall it is a great viewpoint and has some great advice across various domains. I liked the one with Naval Ravikant.

Masters of Scale by Reid Hoffman – This is one of the best podcasts on business. It has so much good information. I am happy with the amount of information on this podcast. I loved the one on making organizations resilient and building a phoenix not just a unicorn.

Bregman Leadership Podcast – This is really a good one with multiple interviews with authors. It is short and summarizes the main theme of the books featured.

Freakonomics Radio – This is awesome and the recent series on CEO’s had so much information. They also have the transcripts available so it is easy to refer to.

Resilient by Mike Kearney – This is truly one of my favorite podcasts. It is a great resource on leadership. Listen to the one with Frank Tirelli which was awesome and the one with James Stavridis.

The Documentary Podcast – This is from the BBC World Service and there are some good ones. The good part is they are short as well mostly 30 min so good. They have also a podcast called Witness which has 9 minute audio on all the important events in the world.

WorkLife by Adam Grant – This podcast just started a few months back and so far, it has great information. This is mostly focused on business.

There you have it all the podcasts I enjoy and they do make life more enjoyable.

The views expressed here are my own and do not represent my organization.