By Isabel Thottam 

It can take awhile to find a job you love. When you’re just starting out in your career, you might move around companies or jobs for a bit until you find one that you never feel bored or stuck at. It’s natural to look for another job when you’re unhappy at a company or in a position at work–but do you ever stop looking for something better?

In the same way we look for a life partner, we also look for the company that is going to be “the one,” meaning, the job we’re going to put our life’s work into.  If you think about people who have been working at a company for 10-plus years, you might wonder: how did they know they had found the company they wanted to continue working at for so long?

Consider the following signs that you have found the right company for you.

1. You genuinely love going to work

Sure, every day isn’t perfect, but if you genuinely get excited about your job and going to work every day, you’re working for the right people. If you never have a “case of the Mondays” because your work keeps you excited and challenged, stay where you are because dreading going to work can be a tell-tale sign of being in the wrong work environment.

2. Your values align with your company

It’s incredibly difficult to work for someone or a cause you don’t believe in. If you and your company share common core values, it makes work more enjoyable and you feel satisfied with your accomplishments because you believe in the big picture. When that’s missing, it can be hard to want to stick around or move forward in the company, so knowing your beliefs match those of your employer is a positive sign you’re at the right workplace.

3. You’re able to face the challenges

No job or company can be totally perfect as there will likely always be something or someone that makes your job difficult. But if you’re willing and able to learn from challenges and roadblocks that come your way at work, you’re likely willing to grow at the company to both make changes and see learn more about the company. If you can see the future of the company beyond its hardships, you’ve got yourself a long-term career.

4. Your job does not feel like work

Real talk: work should not feel like work. Your job should not be so stressful that it leaves you feeling unhappy and overwhelmed. Work should be enjoyable – it’s your life’s passion after all, right!? If you’re able to go to work and enjoy yourself while also working hard, you’re doing it right.

5. You enjoy your co-workers

Even if there are a few bad eggs, if you enjoy the majority of the people you work with, you are working for the right company. If you’re surrounded by like-minded people and feel both respected and noticed at work, you are working for people who care about you just as much as they care about you–and that can be tough to find at a company!

6. You love telling people about your company

If you’re constantly telling friends, neighbors, family and strangers about the work your company does, you clearly have a passion for it. This is a strong way to notice that you truly believe in and care about the work you do–so much so that you want other people to know and care about it too. If your job has you talking about it in a positive manner outside business hours, you’re working for a company you truly love!

7. You have enough time outside of work

The key to knowing if you truly have found “the one” in a company is in your work-life balance. This can be so hard for people to manage properly, so if you feel well rested and able to enjoy your life outside of work, in addition to loving your job and feeling challenged and honored by your co-workers, then you have found the company for you!

8. You are not worried about money

Money can be a huge stressor for employees. If you feel you make a fair salaryand do not feel stressed or worried about what you make, you’ve found the right job. If your compensation accurately reflects what you are doing, then you know you’ve found the right company because it’s evident they value your time and skills.

9. You want your boss’s job

Whether it’s your boss or someone else in the company, if you have a desire to work your way up at a company, it’s a good sign. There is nothing wrong with being envy of your manager’s position; it really just shows that you have a desire to move upward in your company and can see yourself working there for many years to come.

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