Somebody asked me how you would define books. 

I said,

 A book is nothing but portable knowledge in disguise. 

You will be astonished to know that most of the successful people in this universe are passionate readers. This is because reading habit enhances the ability to focus, improves vocabulary and strengthens empathy of an individual. 

However, our professional and personal tasks are lined up the whole week, and by the time, one reaches the weekend he or she becomes exhausted. Practicing reading becomes challenging. This is the reason why you have to make time for reading. But how will you do that?

Well, there is no hidden secret except allocating, prioritizing time to read.

Here are nine, proven tips that can help you make time for devouring the books you love. 

1- Challenge Yourself to Read

Most of us love simple challenges. Set a limit of reading books just a little above you think you can read. This will make you responsible and encourage you to reach the goal. 

2- Pile Up Books in Your Bookshelf

Pile up books in your shelf so that you feel a psychological pressure to read. This may seem weird, but this actually works. If you are a digital reader, download a lot of books to the extent that your mobile memory is almost full. This will, in turn, trigger your reading habit and help in increasing your reading time.

3- Opt for More Books at a Time

Opting for more than one book at a time keeps your mind refreshed. Not all books are suitable to read all the time. Choices of books may vary depending on your mood. Say for instance, the best time to read novels is at night and non-fiction books can be read during your commute to office and so on. However, it is not fixed in stone. You can pick a book according to your mood. 

4- Practice Speed-reading

If you want to read more books, and you don’t have enough time, then practice reading books in a speedy fashion. You can develop the habit of reading fast by holding your breath and trying to read a paragraph as soon as possible or you can even try grouping the words instead of reading it one by one.

5- Read Books That You Love

Do not just pick books because everyone is reading them. Instead, choose the books that you love. Your reading session should bring interest and joy in you apart from gaining knowledge. Do not pressurize yourself for reading books that do not catch your attention. After all, interest for a particular topic or subject cannot be forced  

6- Practice Digital Learning

You may not be interested in reading a hard-copy, and you may even find a book as an extra burden as you have to carry it everywhere. If it is true, you can opt for reader apps available that are freely available on mobile devices. One of the best reader apps is Amazon Kindle. And a few others to mention are EbookDroid, Bookari ebook reader, which you can download for free from your Google Play.

7- Read Before You Go to Sleep

 One of the finest and proven methods of relaxation is reading fiction. This also aids in putting your day behind, thus paving way for a good sleep. You can also practice reading during your first coffee in the morning and sometime after lunch when you really feel like relaxing.

8- Join a Reading Community

Join a community of people online who are reading the same book as you are reading. Discuss the pointers mentioned in the books, share your views and suggestions with each other, which will, in turn, help you in enhancing your reading skills.

9- Track Your Progress Online

There are many apps that help you in tracking your day-to-day reading workout. These apps are ideal for people who love to read online. Not only they offer you a ‘read later’ option but also offer you book recommendations based on your reading history.  

Try implementing these steps one by and one, and I am sure you will see a notable change. 

Make reading a habit. It will benefit you in multiple ways. 

Garrison Keillor rightly pointed out, 

A book is a gift you can open again and again. 

So many books in the world, and so less time we have. 

Follow these tactics, and start reading more books from this month.