Imagine being able to walk into a room full of people, ready to meet and mingle with each person.

Imagine enjoying yourself as you interact with each of them.

Imagine making new friends, by just being yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, socialization is a skill! And like every skill it needs to be honed and practiced in order to master it.

It has more to with your instincts and your vibe than the words you speak. In other words, it’s all about having the right mindset

So let’s start the reason behind your fear or your nervousness or why you hold back; You believe you need to say or do something to make people like you! You’re focussed on the outcome of socialization before the ‘socializing’ begins.

The problem with that approach is that you end up putting UNDUE pressure on yourself, thinking about the ‘perfect’ thing to say to make people like you or appreciate you, the moment you meet them, that you often end up with ‘your foot in your mouth’ or embarrassing yourself.

How much someone can like you or appreciate you depends on how likable, happy, and appreciative you are, when meeting and talking with the person in question. And that is the mindset you need to succeed.

So, keep it simple.

Socialization is meeting new people and building relationships. It’s like that first day of school all over again, except you’re not 4 or 5 years old. You are an adult, responsible for yourself and the decisions you make in your life, with a circle of family and friends who love and trust you. So when you meet someone, be curious (not intrusive) about the individual, show that you care by listening and responding, and enjoy your conversation.

Here’s how you do it, one step at a time;

1. Smile

2. Look people in the eye and introduce yourself.

3. Wait for them to respond (check their level of interest – are they enthusiastic, bored, laid back, etc.)

4. If they don’t give their name, take the initiative to ask them. (If they still seem aloof or disinterested, excuse yourself and go to the next person.)

5. Repeat the same steps, and then show interest in them by complimenting something that stood out for you about them (their clothes, accessories,etc.).

6. Wait for them to respond (show that you care, by being a good listener).

7. Then ask a few more personal questions (maintain eye contact), and this time they will open up more to you.

8. Spend 5 minutes with them, and then excuse yourself and move on to the next person. (Since you’re meeting for the first time, it is best not to overwhelm him/her, and also, it is best to leave the person wanting to talk to more).

9. As for him/her liking you, it starts and ends with how you make them feel. By talking, listening, inquiring, understanding, and conveying your interest through your actions!

If you like to add more steps feel free to comment them below. I’d love to hear from you.

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