1. Embrace solitude. Pause. Still and silence the mind. Meditate. Reflect, reevaluate and discover the wisdom we all have inside of us. Schedule some alone time; soul-time. Really get quiet and ask those questions. Notice the thoughts that come to you, the visions you get or the feelings that come over you. The answers can come from a song you hear, a stranger’s conversation you overhear. Just know the answers are there.

2. Know and stick to your values. Values are principles or standards in your life. You know your deal-breakers; what’s important to you. Or do you even know? Make a list of every quality you believe to be important to you. Get connected to your list and then put that list in order. What are your top 5 values? When you know and truly believe inwhat you stand for, the authentic choice in a situation becomes obvious.

3. Increase your self-awareness. Notice what you think and feel. Ask yourself, “What do I need at this moment?” “How can I meet that need?” Take inventory of your body, learn to listen to the signs it sends you. It will always let you know. Allow yourself to feel every emotion without judging or analyzing. Observe the bodily sensations, thoughts and feelings that arise. Self-awareness is the key to emotional intelligence. 

4. Open your mind. Rigid thinking limits you and prevents your true self from shining through which ultimately only blocks opportunities. Preconceived notions are prisons that block you from being Authentic. Learn how to experience the world from a variety of perspectives and enjoy the journey. Always be open to the gifts of the Universe and all possibilities. Open your mind, heart and soul to receive.

5. Live your boldness. A big reason for a lack of authenticity is timidity. We want to say and do certain things, but we’re uncomfortable with standing out. We feel vulnerable and exposed. Embrace the vulnerability.Vulnerability gives you credibility. Dare to be different. Dare to ride your own wave. Dare to be you. It’s better to live a life of opportunity and accomplishment than one of cowering in fear

6. Accept perfect imperfections. Trying to be perfect is a huge limitation on your natural personality and abilities. Avoiding “mistakes” (I call them experiences) and imperfection at all cost is a recipe for inauthenticity. The world is perfectly imperfect. And you are a perfectly imperfect human-being. And that’s okay. The truth in happiness begins when you let go and accept that everything is perfect exactly the way it is. 

7. Do you. You can spend your time how you please. You don’t need an excuse or proof that you’re doing something noble. The fact that you want to do it, is good enough. As long as your intentions are pure and you’re not hurting yourself or others, go for it. Feel free to start that business, take that class, shoot wear white after Labor Day. Heck split that pole. Live your life to the fullest, without regrets. 

8. Develop and trust your intuition. Intuition literally means learning from within. When you ignore your hunches, you feel out of sorts. Your body has the ability to detect and read energy. Trusting your gut feeling is connecting with your intuition. Trust those instincts and be mindful of those who steer you away from following your own internal guidance. Listen to your own inner-voice. Trust the senses of your Soul. 

9. Appreciate this life. You only have one life in this lifetime. It doesn’t make much sense to pretend to be someone else. Authenticity requires courage and dealing with discomfort. It requires you to live your life to the fullest, to show the world who you truly are. Celebrate your wins. Trust the process. Be present. Enjoy the journey. And don’t let anyone steal your joy along the way.