When faced with creative endeavors, it can be a challenge to get the juices flowing when working from a drab, colorless space. Here are a few ideas to spruce up your workspace and get the most out of your time there:

Incorporate some live plants

Live plants can have a profound impact on a space, with their natural beauty and air-cleansing, oxygen-boosting properties. Bring in a variety of plants and small trees to lift the mood in your workspace, and make sure they’re close to light sources and watered regularly. 

(Note: Your plants can still thrive in a windowless space if you choose the right kind and hook up the proper lighting for them. Check the details out here.)

Look on the bright side 

Maximize your natural light in any way possible. If your space has large windows, open the blinds up all the way and let in the sunlight. Do you have the option of skylights? Go for it! Playing with mirrors, moving furniture around, and unblocking otherwise stifled light can create a much more productive and pleasant space. 

If your space has no windows, try adding full-spectrum light and make sure you add lamps to light up dim corners as well. 

Throw in some pops of color

Whether it’s a new coat of paint on the walls, pretty framed pics on the desks and end tables, brightly colored lampshades, throw pillows, area rugs, or even just colorful office supplies, adding color can improve the vibe in your space substantially. 

Need some more ideas? HGTV never disappoints! Check their suggestions here

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Keep the air fresh

Fast Company advises keeping the air in your space fresh in several ways, primarily by adding air purifiers. They also suggest a professional cleaning service comes through for a thorough scrubbing every weekend. Make sure someone takes the trash from the trash cans out every night, and that recycling goes out as instructed. Finally, office staff must maintain a strict policy of tossing out any remaining leftovers from the office fridge on Fridays. 

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Tidy up 

Be sure to keep everything in its place and regularly toss any clutter that’s clogging up the flow of your space. Trouva recommends setting aside 5 minutes every day to tidy up your area and throw away clutter. Sticking to this 5-minute regimen will keep your space spic and span and free your mind to brainstorm on better things. 

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Create your perfect playlist

Make a playlist to help you stay on task. If you can’t concentrate with certain music on (i.e., some folks have trouble when music with lyrics plays), switch over to a light orchestra, jazz, or maybe some nature sounds for your playlist. Whatever your preference, create a collection that gives inspiration and ups your energy, but not so much that you can’t focus on the work at hand. 

Stock up on healthy snacks

Fresh fruit from the Farmer’s Market, wrapped granola bars, or carrots with dip all qualify as healthy snacks, but what if you forget or don’t have time to bring in the good stuff? There are always programs like NatureBox to hook your office up with natural, healthy snacks for a fee every week. Tasty options like jalapeno lentil loops, plantain chips, blueberry almond quinoa bites, and sriracha cashew crunch are all on the expansive menu.

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Let the sound of water transform your space

The sound of water can calm stressed minds and pull them into a meditative state. Any type of actual water or similar ambient sounds can do the trick, but real water is always preferred, as it’s usually a beautiful addition to your space as well. Tabletop fountains like this can add both white noise and tranquil beauty to your office, and many of them are cheaper than you might think. 

Prefer something more extensive and ‘alive’? Add a spacious aquarium with a fountain and throw in a few gorgeous fish! They’re relaxing to watch and add a conversation piece to the mix. Just make sure they have enough space and never ever forget to feed them.

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Fresh flowers for the final touch

No one can deny the lift a fresh flower arrangement can give to any space. Smart businesses have them delivered to their lobbies weekly just to make sure their clientele feels appreciated while they wait. Why not follow suit, just for yourself? Don’t worry — If you don’t stroll past a daffodil garden on your way to work every day. Choose from eye-popping, fragrant displays, and customizable subscriptions to fill your space with flowers. Such a delight!

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